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pain in my right hip, normal?

im 39 weeks and 6 days, and ive been having some pain in my right hip, at first i thought it was nothing but then i got worried about maybe it being labor so i started trying to count them, 

they seem pretty regular (ive had about 3 or so now) and last 45 secs to a min long, could they be contractions?

i want to call my doctor but i've been calling the past two weeks will am i in labor questions, and i dont want to make a big deal over nothing.

any help? 

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Re: pain in my right hip, normal?

  • I have been having some sharp pains in my hip as well..I thought maybe the same thing but my doctor said it was everything just stretching and opening up..but that is my circumstance.  I think you should call your could be having pain because the baby is placed more on that side and/or they could be contractions...always call I'm sure your doctor won't mind. 
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  • Bugg22Bugg22
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    I am sure it is different with everyone but when I was in labor with DS I had alot of pain in my right hip during contractions. Is your tummy tightening along with the pain? If so it could be labor pains :)
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