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GroVia biosoakers review

We're going on a week-long vacation on Saturday, and DH has decided that he doesn't want to CD on vacation (the best reason he's been able to give me is that he doesn't want to deal with laundry - I think the real reason is that he was a grumpypants when we discussed it, I'd been right about too many things in a row, and he wanted to disagree with me.  Not worth getting into a huge argument over).  Anyway, he agreed that the GroVia biosoakers sounded like an acceptable alternative, and I picked some up.

I remember someone asking if you could double-up the soakers so that you could have double the absorbency, and I wanted to try it as a possible overnight solution.  Results: when S pulled a "poop just as you're picking me up in the car seat to load me in the car," they contained the runny poop admirably well.  Not a drop got past the gussets (it was a medium poop).  However, pee definitely does not travel past the individual soaker.  This is good in that we're less likely to have to change covers, but I still have no overnight solution.  Guess I'll just have to bring along some CDs after all.  Smile

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