Experience with Reglan?

I'm basically starting from scratch in the milk supply department and was hoping to get an Rx for Domperidone but my OB will only prescribe Reglan. Reading the list of side effects makes me nervous. Anyone have experience with the drug, success or not? Thanks!


Re: Experience with Reglan?

  • I'm sure there are people who have had a good experience but I did not.  I think part of the problem was that I was already exhausted and stressed so the side-effects really pushed me over the edge.  I experienced anxiety, restlessness, and was unable to fall asleep because of that.  I was bummed I couldn't stay on it because I was looking forward to the milk boost but the doctor told me to stop immediately because that restlessness could have lead to a permanent disease (can't remember the name). 
  • Is the Domperidone website totally legal? And is there any way to be sure the meds you get are legitimate? Is it pretty risky?
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  • The company is based in Port Vila. It is legal (for the company) to provide this prescription product b/c they are based where no Rx is needed. I can't say whether it is legal or not for US citizens to order it, but I didn't care. I ordered it. I haven't received it. If you search for the last domperidone threads on here you will find a lady commenting that did order from there, and took the med with success. I know that one good review isn't exactly going to 100% ease your mind, but it's better than none. You could also google reviews and be cautious that there may be fake ones.

    If you can PM me in a couple weeks I will let you know how it goes. If I don't check my msgs, then post on June 2011 Moms w/ my user name in the post telling me to check my msgs. I hope I can help :) It's why we are all help each other :P

    Now, you can go see another MD that will give you the Rx, and go to a pharmacy that makes it (it needs to be compounded) locally, or order w/in the states. It will cost significantly more. My lactation consultant said $1-$3 a pill, and a max dose of 3 pills 3 times a day...crikey! I understand if you want to be cautious. I'm a risk taker, but I think the company would send sugar pills to make a quick buck, or have a bunch of unapproved charges from them, but that hasn't happened yet. It's really not likely to be sent an entirely different drug that could hurt you. It happens, but rarely.

    I wouldn't chance it with Reglan. My OB is the opposite. He will prescribe domperidone, but not Reglan. Exhaust all herbal measures first. Fenugreek, Fennel, Goats Rue (keep upping doses to the max and keep it up for a while before quitting). There are others, too. Just my suggestions. Good luck! I'm right there with you (pumping 1 oz at a time), and I'm going through the steps. I'm at the last one now! Eeeck! Fingers crossed for the Rx working wonders :) 

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  • I took reglan under the supervision of my midwives and LC.  No side effects and it doubled my supply.

  • ~Just lurking~ My baby is not due to be here until August. However, I was prescribed Reglan while I was in the first trimester for morning sickness. The side effects were worse than getting sick several times a day. It literally felt as though my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Since my prescription said to take it as needed, I stopped taking it and felt much better.
  • There was a long post about this yesterday or the day before if you go back.

    I took reglan while pregnant to help with morning sickness. I had a horrible reaction and it was a nightmare 2 weeks. My best friend took while pregnant and had no side effects.

    So when I wanted to boost supply I went the Dom route instead. OB wouldn't prescribe so I ordered several times from inhouse with no problems. No side effects from the Dom and it works relatively well. WIthout it I pump about 28oz and with, I get 6-8 more a day.

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  • Is the address:

    There are several listed when I type in inhousepharmacy 

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