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Has anyone had a follicle mature while on bcp?

I went in for a baseline today after 2 weeks of birth control, and my RE saw what at first we thought was a cyst, but combined with my estradiol of 197 he thinks it might actually be a mature follicle.   The nurse that called me seemed as confused as me, so I'm curious if my body is just this messed up or if this has happened to others.

I'm going in for more bloodwork tomorrow.  If the estradiol goes up, we will be triggering.  If the estradiol goes down he said he is comfortable with continuing with the plan of follistim starting July 3rd. 


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Re: Has anyone had a follicle mature while on bcp?

  • Seems odd to me.

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  • not that this applies to you, but sometimes women with SUPER high FSH can ovulate right through BCP, esp. if it is a low dose.
  • I am a bit late posting on here, but I just had a similar experience. I went in today for my baseline, and was told they see "something" though it looks like it's off to the side of my ovary, not on my ovary. I've been on estrace for a week and a half now. I have to go back in next week for another ultrasound and b/w to see what my body is doing, before I can start my bravelle/menopur. GL to you!!
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  • I ovulated on ocps. It was a dominant follicle with estradiol in the 150s. It was a military program that cycles 3x per year, so they drained it and went on with iVF. I don't think it always correlates to Fsh as my levels are typically 3-4.5. I think in the right circumstances, you would have been the girl who got pregnant on birth control....
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