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Would you gate a staircase with a door?

So, DH and I just got in a beaute of an argument at BRU and I need your input. We were there to purchase something totally different, but he decided that he thought we needed to buy a baby gate for in front of our basement stairs. Mind you, we have a door to the basement. He feels like he worries too much that someone will leave the door open and one of the kids will fall down the stairs.  I don't want my kids to get hurt either, but I feel like we don't need a gate if there is a door. Plus, I already go up and down the stairs umpteen million times a day for laundry and don't need another obstacle (all of which DH wouldn't understand because he doesn't do the laundry).  So, if this were you, would you opt for the gate, or no gate?


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Re: Would you gate a staircase with a door?

  • we have a basement door - and we have a lock up high on both sides- so we can lock it from either side... if one of us goes down- we lock it- so a child can't come over and push it open... and then when we come up- we lock it from the kitchen, again, so it can't be pushed open. I would not feel safe just having a door without a lock up high.... kids learn to open doors FAST.

    i wouldn't want a gate either- total PITA, esp when carrying laundry.

    we have the kids gated into the livingroom area most of the day - so they can't even access the basement door unless we're specifically in the kitchen --- I don't let them in there if i'm going up/down the basement stairs- so it's not a big issue.


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  • Ditto Goldie

    We do not have a gate for our basement stairs with a door (we have 2 for our upstairs but that's a different story) We  will be getting a lock up high for when they are older. We use an up high lock for our laundry room door and it works great.

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    Nope, we don't have a gate for our basement stairs.  We have always been in the habit of closing the door when we go down/up anyway to keep the cats upstairs.  I have put a child proof knob cover on the door though. 
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  • we have a door. we used to have a house with a bi fold door that had a slider thing on the bottom we could slide to the crease so DD couldn't open it. Now she is older and we dont worry about our door, but I like to keep in the habit of keeping it closed. For me it was like any other hazard I'm now programmed to keep alert about like knives on the counter, etc..

    I may have to rethink this though, since DD will not be as reliable at closing the door probalby when the babies are here and then mobile.

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  • I vote no.  A gate would be a PITA.  (we have this issue too... a basement door, that's in a tight hallway, and the only way to pass around it is to have it wide open).  thus~it can be left open.  I do worry. 

    I like Goldie's idea.  I am curious, so have a Q for Goldie:: is the lock one of those hook and eye latches?

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