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Hypnosis helped turn my baby

I have been practicing my Hypnobirthing scripts.  During one of my scripts this week, I really focused on visualizing the baby turn (LO was transverse).  During the session, I felt a crazy clockwise movement in my belly.  I was pretty certain the baby moved... well, the OB confirmed it today!!  The baby is now head down.  Hypnosis and relaxation works ladies !!!

Re: Hypnosis helped turn my baby

  • Awesome!
  • Woot!

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  • That's great!! Hopefully my LO stays head down, but if he decides to move, I'm trying your trick :)

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  • That is amazing! Thanks for sharing

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  • Wow, that is awesome! Which script was it? My MW said baby is head down but I just don't see how that is possible because I can see her little body through my belly. I mean she is the expert not me but I would love to try and turn her *if* she is indeed transverse.

    I am completely in love with Hypnobirthing.

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    i suggest this all the time and i think people think i'm nuts.

    so glad to hear from someone else!

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