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Beach options with baby in Sept...suggestions welcome!

We're trying to plan a few days away in Sept at a beach - could be Ocean City, Rehoboth, Chincoteague (if mosquitoes are gone), whatever is within 3-4 hours - but I'm really trying to be cautious about where to stay this first vacation with baby! I'd of course like it to be very comfortable for the three of us (me DH and DD of 6mos at that time), but budget conscious since funds are TIGHT.  Suggestions needed and very welcome! I really value the experiences people share on this board. Thanks!

Re: Beach options with baby in Sept...suggestions welcome!

  • I would look for condo rentals.  Usually they are the same or cheaper than a hotel and you have the option of eating some of your meals in which really helps save money.  We usually plan to eat a dinner or two out and lots of special treats (like ice cream) and cook breakfast, pack lunch and make a few easy dinners (or bring pre-prepared frozen ones from home).  For the kids it helps us stay on routine for them and just being away, makes the ordinary special.  

    Have you considered Sandbridge?  It's the southern part of Virginia Beach and is really lovely.  Your 4 hour time frame could encompass parts of the Jersey Shore as well if you want to widen your search. 

  • We love Sandbridge - it's so peaceful and a very short drive to all the attractions of VA Beach. We're trying to plan a trip there next summer with our LOs.
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  • We just spent a 5 day weekend in Dewey and really enjoyed it.  How old is your LO?
  • Thanks...our DD will be 6 mos at the time of the vacation. I'm just worried about being scammed if I find a condo on Craigslist or something - but I do like the idea of a condo rather than hotel.  Dewey would be nice, Sandbridge also sounds lovely, but is it more than 4 hrs away?  I guess my concern is mostly about how to find a good place to stay, regardless of where, b/c in the past when it was just me and DH I could roll with the punches more. Now with DD in the mix, I really don't want to have to worry about a place being dirty or not kept up in the condition it is shown to be in photos as advertised - if you have any specific condo recs, pls send me a PM! Thanks all.
  • It will be slightly more expensive, but go through a rental agency to find a condo.  There are so many down by the beach.  We usually google for agencies, drool over photos for a bit and then choose the hose that best fits the layout and price we are looking for.  The nice part of a rental agency is that you have recourse if something is not right.  Our group of friends have been renting houses for years and we have never had a problem.     
  • Hi! We were just in Ocean City this past weekend for our 8 mo old's 1st trip to the beach! We left late Thursday night (around LO's bedtime) and it took us 2.5 hrs to get there (we live in DC). It was great coz she just slept the entire time and we didn't have to make stops. We stayed at SIL's rental condo. She rents it out most of the time but family stays for free :-). I think staying in a condo vs hotel is better especially when you have a little one. The condo pretty much has everything. They have kitchen stuff there so you can cook if you want to. The condo has a pool so we spent a day there. I bought LO this  float and she loved chillin in it. I like it coz it has a sun shade which covered her from the sun. We bought this at Costco and used it when we went to the beach. It was very easy to install/take down. We walked to the boardwalk one day and LO loved looking at the people. There was too much going on so she wouldn't nap! lol. The condo where we stayed at is next door to Mackey's so we had lunch there one day. They had an outdoor area so we dined and had cocktails under the palm trees and LO enjoyed sitting outside. On our last day there, the baby woke us up at 7 am so we had no choice but to start the day! lol. We walked to Seacrets which is about a block away, got a table by the water and had breakfast. Overall, it was a fun weekend!

    Here is the link to the condo in case you are interested to rent. I can vouch for the cleanliness. SIL has cleaning lady come in every check out day.

    ETA: The condo is across the street from the beach. It's on 54th St.


  • I would also recommend Virginia Beach or Sandbridge...they are close and super family friendly.  We have gone to VB every year for several years and this will be O's 2nd year...he loved it last summer as a 1 year old. We stay at the Founder's Inn...very reasonably priced if you use their Terrace Dining Club out to $99/night or something like that for 3-5 nights.  You also get 50% off their restaurant and a few other perks. It's a few mins away from beach but they have a great pool too and a shuttle to beach.  Good luck! 


  • Thank you so much for all of these suggestions/information! I am now looking at rental properties on websites specializing in managing properties, as well as, and have some great leads. REALLY appreciate it!! 
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