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Hey! I noticed in one of the posts below you mentioned Cam had kidney reflux. Riley was diagnosed this spring after a month long up & down battle with fevers that got close to the 108 was crazy. Her urine catches were coming back clean, which was odd. Turns out she has grade 4 reflux & a dual collection system. She is on an antibiotic pill daily until her next VCUG test in a few months & is probably looking at surgery down the line. Does Cam get UTIs/kidney infections often? Did you guys have to go through any testing? 

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  • Ugh, I suck because I can't remember what her level was.  I want to say grade 4.  I do know it was in both kidneys and she had a 50/50 chance of it going away with time versus surgery.  It did go away with time, thank goodness.  And she only ever had one other UTI (but it wasn't as bad as the one that prompted all the testing). 

    The weird thing is and I've been meaning to call the doctor, is that from time to time, her urine still has that nasty stench!!  (Do you know what I mean?)!  Like that burning smell.

    She had a VCUG about 18 months ago and that's when we discovered she no longer had the kidney reflux.  (Her original VCUG, when she was diagnosed, was when she was younger -- God, I'm so foggy on details.  I want to say she was 18 months old but I think she was younger than that?!?!)  So other than those two procedures, and two u/s (and the catheter, etc), there hasn't been any other testing.

     Sorry you guys are dealing with this.  It's really quite common apparently. 

  • That's great it went away! Riley ended up hospitalized & they did IV antibiotics. I hadn't noticed any weird urine smell. While we were trying to get it diagnosed, her urine catches were coming back clean. It was super frustrating. The VCUG was no fun for her & I am dreading the next one. 
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