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Who has two thumbs?

And doesn't get it? THIS girl!


Where did this expression come from? I have been hearing it so much and I don't get it. It annoys me, too. 

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Re: Who has two thumbs?

  • "Who has 2 thumbs..."  Stick both thumbs up in front of you, like in a thumbs up sign. 

    "...and is going to fillintheblankhere?  This girl!"  Now act really excited and point at yourself with your thumbs.  There you go. 

  • I know - But where did this come from?!?!


    I had never heard this before maybe a year ago and now I keep hearing it more and more. It annoys me!

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  • I thought you meant you literally didn't get it, LOL.  I have no idea where it came from.  I really only hear it on TB. 
  • I'm sure it was used somewhere else first but I know it was used on scrubs several years ago
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  • I have always heard it from guys in high school in reference to penis jokes. It is pretty old.  I have been out of HS 8 years.  

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