mothers milk tea capsules

what are your experience with these or the special blends? how often did you take it, and is it a maintenece thing? (as in, once your supply boosts do you have to continue to take it in order to maintain the added milk?)

i've been having to supplement with formula a little here and there because he's so fussy at teh breast, and i'm hoping to boost my supply so i don't need the formula anymore

Re: mothers milk tea capsules

  • I take More Milk Special Blend. It has great reviews. I so expected to be producing milk like magic! No :( Not with me. My sister took fenugreek (6-8 pills a day) with her first and it worked wonderfully. The same dose did not work for her second. She upped it to 12 pills (apparently the suggested starting dose anyway), which did the trick. Lucky her!

    Yes, you do have to keep taking. You could try weaning off, and see it sort of kickstarted your body's process, but from my lactation consultant's advice, and a few women that have taken herbs for lactation, you do have to keep taking it.

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