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Shapewear? Something to manage the twin skin?

Does anyone have any recommendations for shapewear...or underwear that doesn't make this extra skin more obvious? Or at least doesn't dig into it or create a shelf for it to hang over!? Stick out tongue I use spanx when I get dressed up, but it's just too hot and uncomfortable for everyday. My old things just don't fit normally anymore. Thanks!

Re: Shapewear? Something to manage the twin skin?

  • I bought a spanx camisole a couple months ago.  It's not as "heavy" as wearing the spanx traditional shapewear.
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  • i have some shapewear panties that are nice- they don't dig in too much, but smooth out the flaps of skin hanging just enough that you don't see the rolls when i wear clothing that usually shows them.

    i also wear Spanx higher power panties when i'm getting dressed up- but yeah- they are not fun for all day or hot days.... 

    i don't know the name of the underwear - i just got a few from macy's and saw what worked... they are not sexy- but they help a lot.

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  • I just used my Belly Band.
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