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GD Weight Gain?

I am 31 weeks pregnant with a singleton and have only gained a pound in the past month.  That means my total weight gain is up to about 20 lbs (i'm petite- 5'2' and around 105 lbs prepregnancy).  I have expressed my concern to the dietician and the OB and everyone says:  "you aren't going to see much weight gain when you're on the GD diet".  The OB told me today that i most likely wouldn't gain more than 5 lbs more and that she would predict baby would only be around 6 lbs.  Last time i was pregnant and had GD i continued to gain the weight but i also was pregnant with twins and needed to gain a lot.  I guess i'm just a little perplexed since i was orginally told by the OB that i should plan to gain 35-40 lbs since i'm small to begin with and now all of a sudden they are fine with me being up 25 lbs when i deliver.  Thoughts?  Experiences?

Re: GD Weight Gain?

  • I've only gained 11 lbs this pregnancy and about 5 lbs over the last 10 weeks while on the GD diet.  I'm 5'0" and was 125 lbs pre-pregnancy.  As long as I was gaining and not losing and I was measuring on track my OB wasn't concerned.  I think your weight gain sounds fine.  35-40 lbs sound like a lot for someone who is as small as you are.  I was told to expect 15-30 lbs for my height/weight. 
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  • I've gained 3 to 4 lbs so far since I started the diet. I eat more now that it did before I was diagnosed. I used to only eat a couple times a day and I didn't gain much weight through out the pregnancy until now.

    Everyone is different. Some people gain, some people lose. As long as your doctor and dietitian are okay with your weight- then no worries Smile 

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  • With DD, I only gained 25 lbs and I think most of it happened before my GD diagnosis.  As long as you are healthy and so is the baby, and you are eating the right foods, I wouldn't worry about it!
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  • With DD, I gained 17 lbs - 14 before being diagnosed with GD. They weren't concerned as long I held steady there and didn't lose.

    With this LO, I have actually lost 11 lbs since getting pregnant (was diagnosed with GD at 13 weeks). My OB is okay with it because I was slightly overweight to begin with and my dietitian/endo are okay with it because I'm still eating enough and eating healthy. The baby is still growing just fine, which is another reason no one is concerned.

    As long as your doctors aren't concerned, you don't need to be either. Just keep eating a healthy diet and making smart food choices.

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  • The day I went to the hospital, I was 4 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weght. I was 20 pounds lighter at my 2 week checkup, I didn't have a ton of weight to lose to begin with.

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  • I have actually lost 6 lbs since starting the GD diet, making my total weight gain during pregnancy 12 lbs. I talked to both my obgyn and endocrinologist about it and they do not seem concerned, BUT my baby is HUGE >95% so I am assuming they are not concerned that he is not being nourished. IT may be different for someone with a smaller baby. 
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  • I am 5'1" and weighed 115 when I got pregnant with DD#1.  I lost weight due to nausea.  Got diagnosed at 27 weeks with GD weighing 119 lbs.  Delivered at 122 lbs.  DD weighed 7 lbs 5 oz.  I was worried until her first growth ultrasound.

    Still 5'1", weighed 97 when I got pregnant (breastfeeding burned lots of calories for me).  Got diagnosed around 13 weeks and 99 lbs.  I am currently 26 weeks and weigh 105 lbs.  MFM had the dietician increase my calories.  Growth ultrasound showed a 60th percentile, healthy baby.  My diet only allows 15 gm of fat per day.  I cheat and have fat at snacks and extra protein with breakfast.  It doesn't affect my blood sugar and I would like to gain more weight.  My MFM said that he wanted to see me gain 5 lbs this month.  Even with extra calories, extra fat and protein- it isn't happening. 

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  • sraexxsraexx member
    I am the same height (though my starting weight was 120). I have gained 26 all together and 20 of that was pre-GD diet. I have only gained 6 lbs in 10 weeks.
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  • I have lost 35 lbs during the pregnancy. I put on 2 lbs since I started the GD diet at 13 weeks and I don't anticipate putting on too much more. So right now I'm at -33 lbs for the whole pregnancy.
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  • When I was pg with twins, they told me to gain 55lbs. Once I started the GD diet, I gained 2lbs in the last 3 months. I was worried about my lack of weight gain too, especially since I had to deliver the twins early (scheduled c-section for a non-GD related medical issue). The OB and MFM both kept telling that it was ok....that the babies would take what they need from me. Basically, being on the diet was causing me to lose weight, but the babies were growing so i wasn't see the weight loss on the scale, KWIM? I ended up gaining only 40lbs for the entire pg, far from the 55lbs I was told to gain. My girls were born 5lb8oz and 6lb1oz at 36w6d! They were perfectly healthy! Listen to your doctor's. Everything should be ok.
  • I've have actually lost 7 lbs since starting the GD diet, making my total weight gain during pregnancy 20 lbs. My doctor is not concerned because the baby is still measuring big (even though my belly is no longer "measuring big"... I agree... it may be different for someone with a smaller baby.

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