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Met a MoM today

I took the boys and DS1 to an inside jumpy place today.  While I was there this lady came up to me because she wanted to see the twins.  She was there with her identical twin girls.  We chatted for a while and then she told me that her girls were actually two of quads. The other two were B/G that did not make it.  She did not even know that she was pregnant and was only dating the father so she was not trying to get pregnant.  And then to find out that she was actually pregnant with 4.  That is just crazy to me.  Triplet+ pregnancies just amaze me.
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Re: Met a MoM today

  • I agree.  I have such respect for triplet+ MoMs!  I love meeting other Twin MoMs too.  It's nice to talk to someone that's in a similar boat as you are.  Smile
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