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Come in if you have multiples + singleton...

I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my singleton and today the OB threw me for a loop.  She said that she would expect me to deliver this baby between 36 and 38 weeks since i went early (33 weeks) with the twins.  I'm just wondering what your experience was if you had preemie multiples and then a singleton.  TIA!

Re: Come in if you have multiples + singleton...

  • My twins were born at 36 weeks 3 days and my singleton (15 months later) was born at 40 weeks and 1 day.
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  • That's really interesting. I am actually you're reverse (so likely not much help) but I had my DS at 38 weeks and he was 7lbs11oz so my OB has always expected me to go earlier with the twins thinking that my uterus can't handle much more than that. I'll be 34 weeks saturday and they are estimating the girls at a little over 4.5 each so who knows (but of course my cervix is almost non existent and baby a is practically crawling out). It's interesting that they use the same philosphy in the reverse!

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  • I had 1+twins but I carried my twins longer (by 2 days on OB's count or -1 day by my count) than my singleton.  I don't think twins vs. singleton pg has much correlation (but I didn't go to med school so my opinion really isn't worth crap, just my own personal experience).
  • a past PTL experience does put you at higher risk for PTL again - but it by no means is a sure thing.

    I had my DS1 at 36w after issues with kidney stones, PTL at 32w, high blood pressure issues, etc.

    i went to 38w1d with no signs of labor and no issues at all with the twins after that.... my OB was conservative and took me out of work at 27w just to help me avoid issues and I do think that helped a lot.

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  • I am currently 22wks pregnant with my twins but I delivered my son at 41wks 6days. He was an induction turned emergency C-Section due to failure to progress.
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  • I had my twins at 34 weeks, 2 days and I had my singleton 19 months later at 39 weeks, 1 day (a scheduled c-section).

    My OB told me too that I was at a higher risk for preterm labor or that I could go early again because he said that they couldn't determine that I went early based soley on the fact that I had twins. He said that he's not a psychic though and he had no idea when I would go into labor with!

    Good luck!

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