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Im looking to get an electric breast pump and was wondering if anyone could recommend one for around $100. I basically need it to help build a freezer stash by the end of August when my LO will be almost four months as I will probably be going away for a week and then to also have it to pump milk for DH to feed her so I can have more freedom. Anyone know of a pump that will efficiently get alot of milk in not alot of time? I breastfeed probably about every 2 hours during the day and maybe twice throughout the night. She sleeps between 5 and 8 hours before the first time she wakes up to eat.
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Re: Recommend a pump

  • I like my Medela PISA but it won't be $100.  I got it for cheaper from the birthing center ($150) but I'm not sure all birthing centers sell them.
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    I love my Medela Freestyle but its $279.  I got them for 99 when Target was clearancing them a few months back.

    I am not sure you can get any double electric breast pump for $100 

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  • Ameda Purely Yours is about 150. Or, the Lansinoh Affinity for around $130.  They are very similar.  I think $130 is the lowest you'll find unless you buy a used Purely Yours (it is closed system, so that would be safe).
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