Need to increase supply

My LO has a healthy appetite and seems to want more than I can provide right now. I pump while at work during the day, but she's drinking more than I can pump. I also pump after her bedtime feeding to add a few ounces to my daytime supply. How can I increase my daytime supply while pumping? Should I pump more often? (I pump every 3 hours at work b/c that's how often my LO eats normally.) What about eating certain foods or taking supplements like Brewer's Yeast pills?
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Re: Need to increase supply

  • mm&mmmm&mm member

    Do you pump in the morning after nursing? I can get quite a bit then. When I had supply issues, I ate oatmeal ever day and drank lots of water.

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  • You can also try increasing nursing frequency when you're together. If your baby eats more directly, s/he'll need less from the bottle and it will tell your body to produce more. So on weekends or days off, try to feed her more often than every 3 hours during the day. Offer when ever you think of it and see if baby will take it.
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  • Yes, I pump as soon as I get to work in the morning. That's when I get the most milk. The next pumping session produces significantly less. I should also mention that one breast produces almost double the other one.
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  • I am having the same issue as you.  When I pump at work I am pumping every 2-3 hours and only getting about 3 ounces each time.  I also pump after morning feeding, I usually get about 4 oz then.  I am trying to increase the time I spend pumping  which I read will increase your supply but it is hard because I am also trying to work! During my workday which is 7am to 8pm I pump 5 times and so far on average I get about 17ounces.  have you considered fenugreek? I am thinking about trying it.

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