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Consolidating Medical Bills?

Anyone done it? We have about 4 medical bills right now that total about 7,000 dollars and we are paying the bare minium monthly and the hospitals aren't liking that.



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Re: Consolidating Medical Bills?

  • How would you consolidate?  Credit cards?  Just keep in mind....once you put medical bills on a credit card it's credit card debt - not medical.  So if you ever decided bankruptcy is the only way you can get life back in order you couldn't claim its because of medical reasons, whereas if you just keep paying like you are it would clearly be medical.  Not that you are considering that, I use to work for a BR attorney and learned this then. 

    If they aren't threatening to send you to collections I'd just keep on paying....

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  • have you called you doc's office or hospital and discussed economic hardship with them? they may have programs or assistance they can offer.

    fwiw - after DD was born, I read some places would offer a discount if you paid in cash. I called my hospital about it to inquire, since I was just paying off our deductible. They told me they stopped offering  paid-in-full discounts but did offer discounts for some to all of the balance for economic hardship. I told the woman I didn't think we'd qualify and her response was to insist I filled out their application anyways or get nothing. I did so, even though it was extensive. She called me with the determination I did not qualify but they elected to knock off 30% of the bill balance anyways and I set up a payment plan for the rest. Once I worked it out with them I never worried about collections or anything b/c they were willing to work with us.

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  • I know that my husband's ENT told him before his surgery that as long as you were paying that you were OK. 
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