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Plus size Maternity clothes help

I'm a plus size woman before I got pregnant and now pregnant with twins I'm having trouble finding clothes that fit.  I've searched online and the biggest sizes labeled plus size are 18-20.  I'm bigger than that before I got pregnant.  Anybody have any suggestions as to where I can find clothese to fit?
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Re: Plus size Maternity clothes help

  • I got a lot of my clothes at Target. The other thing I would recommend, especially for shirts - Big/Tall Mens sizes. A lot of times they were cheaper than maternity.


    My local thrift store was also good to me while pregnant. 

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  • Motherhood Maternity has plus sized clothing in some of their stores - up to 3X or 4X.  They may have a wider selection online.  I went there a couple of times to try things on and figure out what size fit me (and still had room for my growing twin belly). JC Penney and Old Navy sell plus-sized maternity wear online.

    I actually had good luck trolling my local Craigslist for people selling their plus-sized maternity wardrobe. For $100, I bought 5 or 6 pairs of pants, 8 or 9 cute tops,  and a couple of great dresses with tags still attached. Oh, and a brand new bathing suit (tags still attached)!  A few of the pieces were too small for me, but almost everything fit, and I figure I can probably eBay the too-small pieces and make back some of my investment.


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  • I'm also a plus size mom to be.  I didn't have any luck at Target, but got all of my maternity clothes either through Old Navy or Motherhood Maternity.  The down-side of ON was that you can only purchase their plus size things online and alot of their stuff runs a bit big.  Good for ON is that I was able to return it to my local store (even if the item said you couldn't).  MM seemed a little more expensive for some things as compared to ON, but good quality.  I actually do spend alot of time in my husband's oversized t-shirts, but I'm slowly outgrowing some of those!  GL!
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  • Ditto Motherhood Maternity and Old Navy. I'm a 20/22 and usually wore a 1-2x at Motherhood and a 2x at Old Navy. I found the size charts on their websites very accurate too.
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    Not only am I plus size but I am also rather tall (and have a long torso)  I found that even with plus size maternity shirts I outgrew them in length.  What I have found that works the best is to buy tunic-like tops.  On a shorter person they would just look like tunics or dresses but on me they look like shirts Yes  I have even found some clearance tank tops or tunics from Lanebryant and have used those!  I can still find clothes at regular non-maternity stores as long as they are long enough and stretchy enough to cover the bump!  I am so grateful to be pregnant while all those things are in style!!!

    My plan b was to buy some cute empire waist dresses and have my mom just hem them up to look a little more like shirts then dresses.


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  • Motherhood and Old Navy ran big for me which was a good thing.
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  • Lane Bryant carried maternity clothes 3 years ago when I was pregnant with DS1, so that might be something you could find used on eBay or Craigslist too. The Gap online carries some too.

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