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Twin Cribs?

I have a REALLY small second bedroom / soon to be nursery. I was wondering what everyone else did for their twins cribs? I know i'll be fine w/ 2 cribs that aren't more than 55 inces in length each..but dont know if that even exists.

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Re: Twin Cribs?

  • You can buy mini cribs (not sure how big they are) but eventually you are going to need 2 full sized cribs for your two babies.

    Are there any other options?

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  • We have a tiny nursery too and I had a really hard time finding cribs.

    We ended up getting the Baby Mod Modena from They are 54" long and overall just smaller than your average crib and not overwhelming in the room, but they still take a standard size crib mattress, bedding, etc. DH set them up last weekend, they were super easy to set-up he had both of them done in less than 30 minutes and they are very sturdy and look great.

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  • I'm from up north, so not sure if they are there, but a friend has an "apartment sized crib" it may be the same as a mini crib. Her little guy is 2 and it is just fine for her still. 

    I have 2 small rooms and right now the only way to have it work with 2 babies a big girl and a spare bed is to have a baby and a twin bed in each room.

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  • I chose the Ikea Gulliver cribs because I like how they weren't huge in the room...just very simple.
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    We have Ikea Gulliver cribs that seem to be not quite as massive as some.  One other thing to think about is that there are other ways to arrange cribs besides the long side against a wall.  For quite a while we had our cribs set up with the short sides against a wall and the two long sides together. 
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  • I have seen mini cribs out there but Im not sure how they are once LO is bigger. We also have a small room that the twins will share for a while, we're getting the lauren graco espresso cribs. They seemed less bulky than alot of the cribs.
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  • The IKEA Gulliver cribs are listed at 53.5".  We haven't put ours together yet, but that's what we've purchased for our small room.  The simple design allows them to go in pretty much any configuration you can imagine, against a wall or in the middle of a room for that matter.  They also have simple squared edges so they can sit next to each other nicely.
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  • I must be the only MoM around whose LOs STILL sleep in the same crib, just months shy of 2 yrs old. The nursery is very small, and we kept saying we'd have to figure something out when they got bigger and started moving around. Well here they are, almost 2 yrs old, and about to go into toddler beds soon...
  • Thank you everyone. I'm glad to hear that the ones under 55" have lasted! I feel relieved :)
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