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I feel like I annoy my Dr...

I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow with twins, and a couple of weeks ago the Dr. had me go to the ER due to severe Braxton Hicks contractions. Last week I had some more so I called them, but after drinking TONS of water they eventually went away on their own.

I have an appointment at the Perinatal tomorrow afternoon, but this week I have noticed I have not felt as much movement coming from Baby A. I keep trying to tell myself not to call the Dr because I feel like whenever I do they get pissed or think that I'm crazy, but having TWO babies in there instead of one really scares me (I definitely feel movement, but I believe it's coming from Baby B since they have been transverse since week 12). I decided to call the Perinatal to see if they could just move my appointment to today instead of tomorrow, but they had to call my OBGYN to make sure that was okay first.

So all in all, I have a fetal monitoring scheduled for this afternoon now. I don't know why I let the Dr. get to me...Sorry for the vent...Nobody else could really understand except you ladies! :)

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Re: I feel like I annoy my Dr...

  • I'm considering calling mine as well.  I was in L&D Saturday for BH contractions, and have been having them more frequently than I did before that happened, however not as frequent as their guidelines say to worry about.  It's just a noticeable increase in frequency (before I would feel 3-5 a day total, now I feel at least one an hour all day long).  My next sono isn't until August 1st and I'm worried if my cervix is funneling no one will know about it for a month......

    Let us know how your appointment goes today!

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  • I'd rather annoy my doctor.. or the women answering the phone.. than have something wrong with one of my kids.

    Hope your appointment today goes well!

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  • I was thinking the same thing today! My doctors office really makes me feel like crap sometimes... like i call and bother them too much. But I feel like I would rather know if things are okay then something happen! This is what we are paying them for :)
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  • You have to think of it this way - you "hired" them.   So if you have questions, or you think something needs to be checked, you're the boss. 

    I'm respectful of my doctors and their education, but I never understand when people say things like "don't bother your doctor" or "I don't want to bother my doctor about this" - they get paid for this.  Everytime you go in, it's money in their pocket.  So don't lose too much sleep over it!  I know I'm not a medical expert, which is why when I'm concerned or confused, I pay an expert to take a look or talk it over with me.


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  • I called my doctor multiple times and went to L&D multiple times during my twin pregnancy. The nurses in L&D told me not to hesitate to come in and get checked out if I had any concerns. My doctor also told me to call his office or go to the hospital any time I felt that something was not right. I still felt strange calling or going to the hospital sometimes because I worried they would think I was crazy. But, it is always always better to be safe than sorry.  Good luck!

  • I feel like this was a deja vu post of mine back when I was pg with my twin girls. I'd end up feeling like an a$$ to the rude, impatient phone nurse at my MFM's office when in reality, (the ladies on this board helped remind me), you are paying them and not to feel ashamed or embarassed when you call them!

    I finally said to one of the sweet phone nurses at his practice that "I'm sorry to call and ask this but..." and she stopped me and was like "No, sweetie, it's better to ask than not ask and regret it later." 

    Being in a multiples pg is scary at times, especially in the home stretch and things start to feel funny or out of the norm. Stick with your intuition and, IMO, it's better to be sighed at by a rude phone messenger than to "be polite" and have it turn out to be something serious. 

    GL and try not to feel bad. They're supposed to be advocates for you and your babies!!

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