well that's a stupid place to put construction!

I pump in the car and one day a week (thursday) Buffy stays w/ my ILs--I meet them and we do a baby-hand-off and then I finish my drive to work.

Those days, I used to pull behind an empty bar in town to hook up the pump bits but the cops started sitting in the parking lot next door--apparently I looked like I was casing the palce or doing drug deals?  (this was winter when it was still dark then)--there's only 1 little town I drive through before I get to the freeway, tehre aren't many places to pull off that don't have a lot o foot traffic and/or semis.

So I took to pulling behind the Jehovah's Witness church outside of town--discreet, I only hang out a minute, it's all good.

Except now theyr'e doing construction on the 20 ft of road right in front of there--so the driveway is barely accessable and a gazillion constructon workers were milling about.

Back to the bar parking lot it is.  I'll take to waving at the cops on Thursday mornings :-P

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