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Anyone else have a short cervix?

Hi there!  I was placed on bedrest at 27 weeks due to a shortening cervix.  It was 2.2 cm and when I went to the doctor yesterday it was down to 1.7cm with no funneling or dilation.  I am now 30 weeks pregnant.  I am also on progesterone suppositories.  I've heard that once they take you off of the suppositories you go into labor within a couple of days.  They will take me off of them at 36 weeks.  Anyone else on progesterone?  or have a shortened cervix?  birth stories?



Re: Anyone else have a short cervix?

  • The last cervical length measurement I had was about a month ago and it measured at about a 1.6cm.  I am also on a progesterone suppository that I've been taking since that time.  I'm almost 30 weeks, but I have triplets and this is very common.  Even though I know that, it doesn't make it any easier!  I go for another growth u/s in about an hour and although I'm excited to see how my babies are doing, I'm a bit nervous about it too.  Glad to say - no birth story!  My MFM didn't say anything about the possibility of going into labor soon after stopping the progesterone, but I'll certainly ask today.  Have they talked about doing a cerclage?  I know my doc said he NEVER does a cerclage with multiples... Good luck and hoping our cervixes stay in put as long as possible!
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  • As of Monday, my cervix was 1.0 cm.  I have it measured every week.  I am also on hospital bed rest.  

    Here is my history:

    18 weeks: 3.7 cm

    22w6d: 2.6 cm

    23w: 2.4 cm

    23w4d: 1.6 cm

    24w4d: 1.6 cm

    25w4d: 1.4 cm

    26w4d: 1.6 cm

    27w4d: 1.3 cm

    28w4d: 1.3 cm

    29w4d: 1.0 cm

    30w4d: 1.0 cm

    MFM tried a cerclage at 23w but was unable to reach all around the cervix to get the stitch in.  So now I am just hanging out in bed, being monitored for contractions, taking procardia and receiving terbutaline if I have too many contractions/hour.   Today we are 31 weeks which seemed so far away when I was admitted at 23 weeks. I have also had funneling since admission and last week they checked for the first time to see if I was dilated (was 3 cm).

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  • I'm sure everything will go fine for you.  You will be in my thoughts!  They usually don't place a cerclage after 24 weeks so just bedrest and progesterone for me.  Let me know what your dr. says about what happens when you go off of progesterone and how your appt goes!  Thank you for responding.  It's so comforting knowing there are other people out there. 

  • Have they said you are going to deliver early?  Did you have the Ffn test?


  • Best of luck to all you ladies!

    I was found to have a short cervix at my anatomy scan at 22 weeks, it was 2-2.5cm most of the pregnancy.  At 24 weeks at my weekly cervix check it was down to 1.8cm with funneling.  No FFN test done at that point - but they immediately sent us to L&D.  They assumed it was contractions that I couldn't feel causing the funneling.  I was in the hospital for 3 days.  I was on a magnesium drip, IV antibiotics (they think an infection may have caused the contractions), and IV fluids.  I was getting something like ibuprophen for 48 hrs and started on Nifedipine (Procardia) and discharged.  I never received the steroid shots because there isn't much studies on their efficacy before 26 weeks and I wasn't in emminent danger of delivery.

    I was sent home on modified bedrest and wasn't allowed to work(I'm an RN ina busy hospital).  I was on procardia every 6 hours from 24 weeks until 36 weeks, when I also increased my activity.

    I started to dilate at 33/34 weeks (1cm, then 3cm the next week - stayed 3cm until I went into labor) - was about 90% effaced at 38 weeks).  I went into labor 1 day shy of 39 weeks.  My water broke - contractions started about 10 mins later at 2mins apart, and regular.  I couldn't sit through them.  We left for the hospital 1 hr after my water broke, I was 6cm and fully effaced at the hospital.  Wanted to get in the tub to labor, I was already dilated completely except for a lip - was fully dilated when I got out and LO was born after 30 mins of pushing.  My entire labor started at 9:45pm and LO was born at 1:46am.  4 hours and 1 minute later.

    So - you ladies can hang in there, there are success stories :) Best of luck!

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  • Thank you for the success story!  congrats on your LO!
  • eesomeeesome member

    I have a short cervix. I had cervical dysplasia when I was in my young 20's, and they removed a portion of my cervix.

    Because of that, I had pre-term labor with my son at 31 weeks, and am again having pre-term labor with my daughter that started at 33.5 weeks.

    Luckily, I was able to keep my son in there until 39 weeks and 3 days which is great news. I am hoping I can do the same with my daughter, too.

    No...I am not on progesterone. 


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