**LONG** but need advice re: cutting out a pumping at work & how this affects weekends

Hi all..first post here so I hope I'm doing this correctly..

Some background info:

I had my baby in early February and when I was pregnant I really wanted to EBF for a year.  I took 12 weeks off after I delivered and returned to work almost 2 months ago.  At first, we had some issues with latching and needed to use a nipple shield. Then we had issues with my nips cracking/hurting ALL THE TIME, oversupply issues, and then finally about 6 weeks PP, we got into a nice little groove.

It was really important for me to BF because DH's family has a long history of allergies/illnesses so I thought EBF would be the best thing for DS. It is, of course, the perfect food, no?

While I was on leave, I started building a freezer stash for when I returned to work. I didn't have that much, around 60 oz or so. Fast forward to the night before I returned to work: I had pumped 2 5 oz bottles over the weekend for DH to give to DS (he was on paternity leave still) and figured that I would pull 5 oz from the mini-stash so I could get the rest of my crap ready for work. DH was getting ready to pour the thawed milk into a bottle (we like to prep everything the night before) and decided to smell & taste it -- IT WAS FREAKIN' SOUR!!!!! Not only was I stressed out about leaving DS and going back to work and having to pump 3x at work, I now had to deal with elevated lipase (which I tested high for a few years back but didn't make any connections until we thawed the BM) and sour milk! I did what others would have up in the middle of the night (DS was sleeping 5 hours) and pumped for the 3rd bottle. Did this for a week because lo and behold, I was not producing enough at work to make DS's 15 oz needs. We started pulling 5 oz from the freezer stash every night and mixing in the "sour" milk with fresh and I pumped before I went to bed instead of getting up in the middle of the night. Any extra BM was scalded and frozen. 

I was stressed out ALL THE TIME. On edge and screaming at/picking fights with DH every night because I hadn't met the 15 oz for the next day's feed (MIL is watching DS until he starts daycare in Sept.). I was eating oatmeal for breakfast and popping Fenugreek (12 capsules/day) and Blessed Thistle (9 capsules/day) like candy. Didn't make much of a difference.

Around 2 weeks ago I finally realized that I hated the monster I had become. I was sick and tired of picking fights with DH because I needed someone to lash out at. Poor dude admitted that it was to the point where he was going to start staying at work late then come home to me!!

So...(please no flaming as this was a very difficult decision however I needed my sanity and if I continued the path that I was on, I'm sure my marriage would have fallen apart and I would have ended up in a padded cell)... 2 Saturdays ago, I made the decision to give 3 oz of BM & 2 oz formula for the 1 pm feed and I cut out my 1 pm pump at work. I feel so much better, not so pressured and now we make up the difference of what I pump (still pumping 2x at work) with formula. I also changed my original BF goal to 6 months thinking that it seems more realistic. DS is going to be 5 months next week. I figured that he'll probably start getting some purees soon so maybe he'll drink less from bottles (2 5 oz bottles instead of 3) when I'm at work? 

Here's my question: If during the week all feeds are 3 oz of BM & 2 oz of formula -- how do I do this on the weekend? I figure if I cut out the 1 pm pump at work, I need to not nurse or pump at this time on the weekends. I also don't want to dip into Monday's supply, so would I just give a whole 5 oz bottle of formula?

Also, I'd like to stop pumping at work by Sept. however I want to continue to nurse when I'm at home. Is this possible? My thought is that by this time, DS would probably get 2 bottles of formula with some solids and I'd nurse him before I leave for work and on demand after work.

Thanks for reading this..I know I probably didn't make any sense and rambled on and on.




Re: **LONG** but need advice re: cutting out a pumping at work & how this affects weekends

  • first, my dd started purees at 6 mos and we've added yogurt too (she's 8 mos now) - but her bm consumption hasn't really changed. she was getting 4oz bottles at daycare, went through  a little spurt and we upped them to 4.5oz and then settled back at 4 oz since "food" was introduced. So no real change for us in the quantity of bm we need for bottles.

    continue nursing/pumping on the weekends as usual. if he eats at 1, you need to do one or the other, or turn to more formula because yu are not producing as much as you are serving.

    i nurse all weekend, but still have to pump 1x on saturday and sunday mornings. that one time adds to friday's work pumps to start the week with between 6-8oz of bm extra. i pump just enough for the week cumulatively - but not enough per day for the next. i need friday-sunday pumpings to get ahead for the next monday-friday bottles. does that make sense?


  • I would thinking adding in pumpings/nursing on the weekends only won't affect your supply so drastically that you will need to pump at that time on the weekdays.  I know I only pump twice at work, but my kiddo often nurses twice that much when I'm at home.  It doesn't really have a big affect if it's only the weekend.  If nothing else, you might be able to pump more in your two pumpings at work because of it.  Deciding to give formula instead of nursing is whatever you want to do, but be aware it could lower your supply even more.  Since you're almost to your goal, I'd nurse whenever you could to keep your supply up.
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