MOH in wedding, long weekend, how to feed LO?? longish

I am beyond anxious preparing for this wedding. I am MOH. I have things to do fri, sat and sun. I should be able to feed LO no problem on fri and sun. with the exception of the 2 hours on fri I will be gone driving to and from nail salon and getting nails done. hopefully I can feed him right before and after. the rest of fri he will be with me (hubby will be there too) at the Rehearsal and the dinner.  sun brunch and pool party he will be with me too. sat is a big concern as I will be gone most of the day with hair appointment, lunch, pictures, ceremony and reception. everything starts at 10 am and isn't over until 11 pm. hubby will be with him when I am not except for the actual ceremony/reception. luckily it is at a hotel. I think I will have chances to see LO in between all the sat activities but don't know if it will be the right time for feedings, etc. I have an aunt staying with LO in the hotel room for the wedding. I would like to think I can run out and feed him as much as I can. he eats pretty frequently though and I don't know how realistic this will be. I only have 2 oz pumped in the freezer. I have supply issues as it is and just started taking fenugreek again (took it back in the beginning but have been off it a month), which is helping tremendously as LO was seeming unsatisfied all the time. my breasts now seem fuller and he is calmer. he also recently started zantac so it may be that, who knows! so I am going to try to start pumping again in the AMs starting tomorrow. he has had formula before in minimal amounts - similac alimentum, since he has a dairy/soy intolerance and I am dairy/soy free. if he gets a bottle of formula or BM anytime that weekend I should pump, correct? but if it winds up that he never needs one I will be OK without pumping. do I have to pump around the same time he has the bottle? also logistically I should carry the ice pack/cooler thing with me at all times when I am away from him/the hotel? what else would I need? anyone have experience with this kind of situation and can offer advice? my breastfeeding support group is next wed and I am going to ask for some help/advice then as well. TIA! 
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Re: MOH in wedding, long weekend, how to feed LO?? longish

  • That sounds like it will be a little rough which such a young LO...but I'm sure you guys can pull it off. I was MOH a couple months ago, and those dresses are NOT conducive to helped that DH was just on LO duty. If she needed anything or feedings he would bring her to me where I was, and whisk her away again to naps or distraction. The nice thing about weddings...lots of people want to help hold the baby ;)

    If I were you, I'd come prepared with all guns blazing. Keep your pump and cooler with you at all times in case you need them or miss a feeing...make sure DH has a car and phone so you can be reached for a feeding if needed. Try to build up a stock of milk for the weekend (couple days worth?) to have handy, and worst case, have some formula on hand (but try to avoid that, one weekend likely won't kill your supply...but if you are already struggling). Also, be prepared for engorgement with extra pads if you just can't sneak away to pump right on time.  

    Also, warn the bride that you'll be juggling LO duties a she can be understanding if you have to slip away for 15min here and there. Weddings are wonderful, and it's great that you are there for her...but I still think a dependent LO in need of "mommy" comes first.  Good luck! Have fun!

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  • I had the EXACT same situation.  It was really hard and I had an oversupply so after 7 hours of not pumping or feeding I was literally sweating and in pain from the milk build up.  One day of not pumping when LO eats is not going to make or break your supply so try not to stress about it.  Do what you can, bring your pump and cooler along and sneak in pumping when you can.  I wasn't able to drive separately but if you can then that would give you a more private place to pump rather than try to pump amongst all the groomsmen in the limo.  You could also have DH meet you at different places with LO when it isn't too inconvenient so you could nurse.  It is very nice that it is in a hotel though.  That is how it was with us so I was able to sneak back to the room to pump during cocktail hour and then again after dinner I was able to nurse.  Good luck!  You'll get through it!
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