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I'm usually on the Sept 11 board, but I'm nearly eight months, and it seems like, after their 1st tri growth spurt, the girls haven't changed much for the rest of this pregnancy. My question is, when do you ladies think is the best time to buy nursing bras? How many band/cup sizes did you go up after your milk came in? I'd like to start getting a couple nursing bras soon, but I don't want to make either mistake of buying them too large in advance, or buying them at my current size and then not being able to use them. What has been your experience?

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  • I would just get some nursing tanks right now.  They'll get you through the first couple of weeks and will be far more comfortable  (I actually still wear mine and am not looking forward to going back to bras!) - and then you can buy regular nursing bras once you know what size you'll need.  My bbs fluctuated a lot - they grew a ton when my milk came in, and have now gone back down since my supply has regulated and I've lost the baby weight (well most of it at least!).  My nursing tanks have been able to fluctuate with my size. 
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  • Get one or two in your last trimester just so you'll have some, but wait to buy most of them a few days after your milk has come in. I could never have predicted how massive my boobs would become after my milk came in, even with the increase in cup size from a B to a D during pregnancy......
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    I would just get some nursing tanks right now.  They'll get you through the first couple of weeks and will be far more comfortable . 


    I have found I have changed size quite a bit. I was a 36 E at the end of pregnancy, a 36 G when my milk came in and for the first month. I have now gotten back down to a 34 D now my supply seems to be regulated and I am within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight.. I was a 34 C before pregnancy. Another option is the sport style nursing bras as they seem to have more give. 

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  • I bought my bras two cup sizes larger than my pre-preg bras, and they were still tight when my milk came in. 
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  • I bought a couple of the Bravado original double plus bras while I was pregnant in one size bigger than I had bought during the pregnancy. I just now bought regular nursing bras now that my supply has regulated somewhat.  I was a 32 D prior to pregnancy and was a 34-36 F while pregnant and then jumped to a 34 I once my milk came in and I have stayed there ever since. I am sure I will go down at some point but for now the girls need some good support!! If only bras were easy to find in that size.
  • Hah, I was you exactly this time last year (9-2010 baby). I was told to buy in the last trimester. So I bought two 44E nursing bras, since i hadn't gotten much bigger and that was one size up from what I was.

    Hoo boy.

    Four days pp, my milk came in, and I was measured at a 40H. Yes, a 40H!  The moral of the story? There's NO way to tell what you'll be. Buy some nursing tanks, and get fitted two or three weeks in. They'll change over and over again.

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