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Hi Ladies,

I am new here and accidently posted on the wrong board--Infertility.  They recommended I come over here, so here is my original post.  Thanks!

Hi Ladies,

 I am new to this board but was really active on the Bump when I was pregnant the first time in 2006 and found it really helpful and supportive.  Here's a little background on me and my TTC woes...

 I conceived my first child, Ben in 2006. Took about 6 months, never thought anything of it. Fast forward a few years and we decide we are ready for #2.  Well...after a year of trying, I go see my OB and she sends me to a fertility specialist.  At this point, I am not freaking out, just don't want to wait any longer to get pg b/c my son will be turning 5 and don't want them to be too far apart.

This was in March.  The specialist did the usual bloodwork (normal), dye test (all clear), tested DH's sperm (looks good) and put me on clomid.  I took that for 2 months and nothing.  Now I just completed my first round of Femara and am in the 2WW.  I went in for a follie check on CD 10 and I had 7 follies--4 on right ovary, 3 on left.  So exciting!  So they sent me home to start doing OPK's on CD 11 and on.  The OPK's progressively got darker, but never hit the mark of equal to or greater than.  By CD 17 I am getting nervous. I call and ask what I should do.  They bring me in and do an u/s and the tech was like, "It looks like the process may have is probably too late for an IUI.  Just go home and have lots of sex"  So now I am on CD 25 and waiting, waiting.  Here's my question for you ladies: A few days before I found out I was pregnant with my son, DH and I had sex on a friday night and when I went to the bathroom afterwards, there was this pink "hue" on the TP.  I thought I was getting AF and put a tampon in the next morning.  Then, nothing.  So, on Sunday, I took a test and sure enought got my BFP.  I think it was implantation bleeding.  Well, last night DH and I BD'd and the same exact thing happened.  A pink hue, nothing more.  Has anyone else ever had this pink hue and gotten a BFP?  Or has anyone gotten this and then their AF showed a couple days later?  Just wondering...I can't talk to anyone else about this....thanks for your thoughts :)

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Re: New to this board

  • Welcome to the board!  Hopefully this is it for you and you won't have to be here very long.  I am not sure if what you experienced the first time was implantation bleeding.  I have heard that it usually takes about 3 or 4 days after implantation for tests to start coming out positive.  I could be wrong though.  It could have also been that your cervix was extra sensitive due to the pregnancy and that caused it to bleed slightly from dtd.  In that case it could be the same this time.  I have also heard that fertility meds can cause the cervix to be more sensitive and bleed more easily so that could also be what caused the red hue after dtd this time.  I guess time will tell, but I know it can be so hard to wait!
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    Welcome!  My DC is also 5, and I too am a Femara girl. :)

    I don't know about the pink, but I certainly hope this is your month - may your stay here be short & sweet! 

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  • With 7 follies I think you have a good chance of ending up with multiples.  There was a woman on the TTCAL board who did what you did and ended up with 6 which she had to reduce to twins.  I'm actually very shocked they even told you to have sex at that point given a normal sperm count. 

    But to answer your question, yes with my first I started spotting, thought it was my period then it stopped the next day and I took a test that night and got a positive.   I also think once you are taking the drugs you really just don't know what your body is doing until you take a test.

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