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You know what really sucks?

Having your office packed up behind your back without warning or the opportunity to get important files off your computer.

It wasn't anything personal. But now I can't really work. Damn.

::props feet up::

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Re: You know what really sucks?

  • As in they took out your computer?? I would be PISSED.
  • wth? Why are they doing that?
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  • Well since we are closing, they are packing stuff up. Which I totally understand. But there's a ninja packing crew that is making their way around. You'd think they would start with offices less crucial than the case workers. Like maybe some of the 4,587 secretaries on campus. But nope, they've packed us up. I'm in some other office today that the ninja packers haven't hit...yet.

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  • ::runs through and hugs Jlee::
  • That's crazy! I would enjoy the day of doing very little!
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