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GD - work/exercise question

I am struggling to keep my numbers down after my meals and am trying to little by little incorporate some exercise from being basically a completely lazy good for nothing so far during this pregnancy.

I work a desk job where, other than trips to the bathroom or printer, I don't get up much.  I'm currently marching my feet under my desk as I type this and I look like a moron because my cube is pretty public.  It doesn't seem like it's enoough but I'm trying.  If you work this kind of job, what sort of exercise do you do after breakfast or lunch? 

Re: GD - work/exercise question

  • Exercise really helps keep my numbers in check. I am lucky enough to have a small gym in my office building so I walk on the treadmill during my lunch break for a half an hour to forty five minutes. I try to go for a short walk after dinner too. Good luck!
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  • can you go for a walk outside?
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  • My situation is a bit different. After lunch, I have recess! So... I get to walk around for 10 minutes, and literally that's all I need to keep my numbers low. So... I think on your lunch break, you should make sure you save 10 minutes to walk. You could walk around the building if it's big enough for you not to feel silly. ;-) Or you could walk outside?
  • Leg lifts! Sit with your back straight against the chair back with your knees at the edge of the chair. Lift one leg so that it is straight (or as close as you can get it), count to 10, slowly lower. Alternate legs.
  • gy86gy86 member

    I eat lunch at my desk and use my lunch break to go for a 30-40 minute walk downtown, but more just for the exercise, fresh air, & time to "talk shop" with my coworkers rather than to control blood sugar levels.  A couple coworkers of mine started the walk routine a few years ago, so I've been doing this throughout my pregnancy... although I will admit now that it's 100+ in downtown Phoenix, it's becoming more challenging!  (We even have a summer route that takes us through all the air-conditioned lobbies of hotels, convention centers, etc!) 

    I do prenatal yoga 3-4x a week in the evenings after work.  But again, it's more for my personal relaxation, strength building, etc -- not solely for the sake of GD management.  But I'm sure it probably helps, since I haven't had any issues regulating my sugars with just what I normally eat and do.

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