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Post-2IF plans?

What do you plan to do, or what are you waiting to do, after your 2IF journey is over? (Hopefull for all of us the journey will be successful!!!)


For me, I have to think about where I want to take my career... continue with what I had, start a new business or commit to SAHM?  Right now I like the SAHM idea... =-)

Also, in the next 5 years, I think it's time for a breast reduction.  They've been growing since 4th grade, and don't seem to stop.  I've been against the idea forever, but I can see now that active aging will be more difficult if I don't do something.  I just hope I can BF one more baby first!!!

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Re: Post-2IF plans?

  • Whether or not the journey is successful next for me is SAHM. I may or may not take some classes to change careers. I have thought about getting a medical assistant certificate or a medical office manager certificate. Neither one would pay near as much as I make now, but at least I could find a job in my community, closer to home so that when dd and/or future sibling get into sports and extracurricular activities, I won't miss out.

    I would also like to eventually get a full body mommy makeover. :)

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