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You can wax when you're pregnant, right?

I don't know why you couldn't. Or why I apparently need to know the answer to this as I am neither pregnant nor have I been waxed recently. 


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Re: You can wax when you're pregnant, right?

  • you can but I've heard it hurts like a mofo. 
  • Yes, but the extra blood flow to the nether regions can make waxing a lot more uncomfortable/painful than usual.  Or so I hear, I've never waxed, pregnant or not.
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  • I did, right up until I was 37w. It's awkward getting around the belly and I needed to take breaks from lying on my back but it really wasn't as painful as everyone says. I think as long as you're not going in for your first Brazilian while hugely pregnant you'll be fine.
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  • Because of all the blood flow the entire area is swollen and usually very sore. Waxing while pregnant hurts a lot. But people schedule their waxes right up until the last minute.
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  • Brazilians hurt, but, in my opinion, are so worth it. What's a couple hours soreness compared to 3-4 weeks of smoothness? I also wax my tummy trail, and that doesn't hurt at all. As for the rest, I can still reach to shave, but when it gets more difficult I will definitely get waxes. 
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  • I got waxed at about 35 weeks, because I couldn't reach to shave anymore. No problems, but I did catch the tech in an "eewwwwwwwwww" face when she saw I was hugely pg. Nice.

    Needless to say, I've never gone back to her again.
  • I got waxed a couple of times while pregnant. Towards the end, I found a waxer who was experienced with pregnant women and made sure to take tylenol. It hurt less than other waxes I'd had.

    I think if you do it pretty regularly not pregnant (I usually have it done every few months, so not even that often), you should be fine. 

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