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2nd time mom's that got an episiotomy

I had to sign a consent form saying that i allow them to perform an episiotomy. And i was wondering do they always cut you? or do they only do it if the baby is having issues coming out or if the baby is too big?

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Re: 2nd time mom's that got an episiotomy

  • As long as the baby is doing well, there shouldn't be any need to perform an episiotomy. During my DD's delivery, her heartrate dropped very low and wasn't recovering at the very end, so my OB had to cut. I completely agree with that decision since my DD needed to be delivered ASAP. A big baby alone is not enough reason for an episiotomy (you will stretch and may tear, but it's usually easier to heal from a tear).  
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  • I only got cut with my first because I was too tight.    With my other two, no cuts only tiny tears.
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  • With my first I got an episiotomy secondary to being "to tight" and only having 3 pushes before ds was born.  With dd, no episiotomy but a second degree tear. Either way, recovery from the sutures felt exactly the same. 
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  • Mine was just because baby's heartbeat was dropping a lot everytime I contracted---he was sunny side up. They were worried---so they did it because he was semi-stuck because of being sunny side up.
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  • I told my OB that I didn't want an episiotomy, that I preferred to tear. I tore with both babies.
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