I can't believe my boys are 9 months already... — The Bump

I can't believe my boys are 9 months already...

It's weird. It's definitely flying by.

They're still nursing. No teeth yet. Almost crawling. They started clapping a week or so ago. They aren't doing table foods or finger foods yet, they gag and puke. They JUST started STTN. Finally!

I love this age. Some days are hard but most days are good.

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Re: I can't believe my boys are 9 months already...

  • I just have to say you are amazing!  I can't believe you have 4 children, plus twins!!  Yes  And you live in Pierce County, we're practically neighbors. That makes you even more cool.  Stick out tongue
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  • Yay for 9 months! This is such an awesome age. My LOs are 10 months today, and they are so adorable, and I love it. It feels like just yesterday we had newborns, and now they're moving all around, babbling, etc. I wish we could somehow bottle up their cuteness and hold onto it forever.
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  • Love watching your guys grow ... I know I'm just a little behind you ...

    Now, if I could only figure out how to teach them to sit up, they seem so frustrated and get bored since they can't move around!

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