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Multiples long did you make it?

I really want to get to a year but I don't know, we'll see!  They are 5 1/2 months now, I tandem nurse at every session, but I can't see tandem nursing 10 month olds! (Just because of their size, really)

Just wondering how long you made it?  How long you plan to?  And if you tandem nurse?



Re: long did you make it?

  • Originally, my goal was a year- that was before I had BF.

    Once I started, that goal was so overwhelming!  I made 6 months my goal.  At 6 months I wasn't "done", so I decided to replace a couple nursing sessions with formula.  That worked really well.  My next goal was 9 months, and when I approached it, I realized I really was ready.  So I was done BF at 9 months.

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  • I was done by 10 months, but I had been EP'ing for probably 6-8 weeks at that point and was gradually weaning.

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  • Just weaned the last two feeds yesterday (am and pm) and my babies are 1 yr.  My goal was only 6 mo.  We moved when they were 4 mo and I thought by 6 mo I would have a job/be working, but that didn't happen.  I always tandem nursed, which became difficult recently when one would try to roll off the nursing pillow and they would poke each other in the eyes/mouth and the one who was poked would scream/cry.  They both seemed really fidgety.  

     5 1/2 months is awesome.  Whatever you decide, you've had a great bonding experience with the babies and provided them with nutrition.   




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  • I stopped at six months mostly because of teeth but have continued to pump.  I am just now weaning myself from the pump and they will be a year in a couple of weeks.  Great job on making it thus far.
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  • I was completely done at 7 months. It wasn't my choice--my supply dwindled and then dried up completely. I would have gone longer if I could have. 

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  • We're still going strong and I don't see us weaning anytime soon. Good job making it so long!
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  • I am still BF 3 times a day and tandem too. My original plan was to a year, but when we hit that none of us were ready. I am now planning for 18 months or whenever they wean themselves, whichever comes first.
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  • 17 months! I planned on at least a year, no more than two. My initial plan was to let the boys self-wean but not let them go past two. James pretty much self weaned, but not Eli.  Eli started pulling everyone who had boobs shirt down and making the sign for milk and that was when I finally decided to stop. 

    I tandem nursed easily until about a year. The boys would just put their legs up and kind of crunch up. After about a year, James wasn't really interested in nursing much. So I would offer, he'd nurse for like 30 seconds, then I'd nurse Eli.  


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  • I'm at 9 months and still going strong.  I return to work in September so I will have to wean them by then as I have no desire to pump.  I am considering continuing breastfeeding first thing in the morning and before they go to bed for as long as they want. 
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  • 4 months so far.  I BF O for 19 months when he self-weaned.  I'll try to let these guys self-wean too, but it depends on whether I get better at tandem nursing by myself. 
  • 18 months. I didn't think I'd last nearly that long. In fact, I nursed my twins longer than either of my singletons. It was a great experience to nurse beyond the year mark with these two :). Good luck in nursing yours as long as you and your babies are both up for it!
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  • We made it to almost 17 months. I would have continued to 2yo, but I'm pg. Not only was it getting sore from the pregnancy, but I couldn't bear the thought of BFing a newborn and two toddlers. There had to be plenty of time between their weaning and baby arriving so they wouldn't remember/want to be nursed when they see me BFing the baby.
  • I made it 6 months BFing and 7 months to wrap it all up (pumping).  I only nursed one and pumped for the other.
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  • still going strong at 11 months.   I feed them tandem except at bedtime.    Tandem is tricky - I feed them on a full size bed in their room, and when I put one on the bed I have to be quick to get the other out of the crib or the first will crawl right off!     My babies are tall and skinny, and they just curl up on the pillow. 
  • My goal is a year.  One of my girls refuses to take a bottle (she just chews on the bottle nipple but won't suck) so I doubt I'll wean before a year even if I wanted to. I still tandem feed. My girls just scrunch up. It is hard when one finishes before the other though because they try to roll or crawl off the edge of the couch/bed.
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  • I exclusilevely pump, and am trying to ween myself now. I've made it this far, even though I'm not nursing they are still getting the benefit of my milk.

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  • Still nursing and tandem at 14 months and no plans to stop,  I love it and my little ones have not been sick yet which is amazing.  I hope to nurse them until age 2 unless we do a FET before then in that case we would have to wean due to the medicines.  Great job making it so far keep up the great work! 
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  • still nursing at 11 months. I also thought it would be harder when they got bigger, but it's actually easier. They are much quicker and we all know what we are doing now. I can still tandem feed them. The only challenges are when they "pick on each other". They grab each other's hair sometimes and have slap contests on my chest (meaning they both just like the sound it makes when they do it), but it's all entertaining and no session lasts more than 10 minutes anymore. At first, I had no idea what to expect and would've been happy to last 3 months, but then we hit 6, then 9 and here we are. I will make it to 12, but then I will just go down to the morning and night nursing session. I work full time and am so over pumping during the day to keep up with what they eat. (also pump after first and last session). I am counting down the days (15 work days). I'm just glad that it's not the end and that I know I'll still have the mornings and nights without the stress of pumping.
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  • All you guys are rockstars!! i nursed DS for 15mo. and plan on nursing the twins, i was intimidated to do so, but this post makes me feel so much better esp. w/ the moms with older kids on top of the twins!
  • I'm still breastfeeding now and they're seven months old.  I EP though.  I tandem nursed at the beginning, but I needed a break and other people being able to feed them has been nice.  I hope to get to a year.

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  • I BF and pump, and they turned 7 mo last week - no formula bottles in this house yet!
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