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Talk to me about nipple shields

One of my nips is weird. It's not inverted, I can't really explain it.

Should I get nipple shields before I have this kid, or wait until I'm sure I need one?

Re: Talk to me about nipple shields

  • I'd wait. Most LC discourage nipple shields until last resort. But, I guess they aren't that expensive so you could always pick one up and return it if you don't need it. I'm helpful, huh?
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  • p.s. I was reading your blog today and it makes me want to be pregnant real hard. You are just beautiful :)
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  • Both of mine before breast augmentation were inverted, which unfortunately was the time I tried to BF. In the hospital I pumped and also tried a nipple shield. For me, it was easier to pump than to get him to latch.. so I went that route. I will say, when I pumped it helped to bring the nipple out and eventually he latched weeks later when I tried again. The hospital gave me a nipple shield, although if memory serves you are doing a home birth? Any chance your MW can give you one?? At any rate.. good luck :)
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  • I got one in the hospital from the nurse and then picked up an extra one later.  I am still using it for every feeding.  When I try to not use it she just kind of mouths at my nipple or screams.  I talked to another LC and she said she is gaining and we dont seem to have problems with supply so to keep using it if it makes it easier, and it does.  Most days I don't even try to have her latch without it because it is a pain.  But if you are planning on doing an at home birth and won't be in a place where they hand them out, perhaps it would be nice to have on hand and if it is unopened you can probably return it?
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  • Last resort. My left nip is weird, but after I met with the LC a few times it all worked. I ended up needing one for a bit b/c of her latch (it shredded my nip) and breaking it was such a biitch, but it helped when I need it. I tried to only use it for the few weeks I needed it, and then break quickly.
  • I know nothing about nipple shields.  I just wanted to tell you PM> 
  • I think I'll get some, and return them later if I don't need them. I don't want the stress of needing them and since we're at home (my MW won't provide one if needed) I just want to be super prepared.

    Under what circumstances do you use them? Poor latch and inverted nips?

    And Kate <3

  • Meet with an LC before you use it. Make sure you have ruled out everything. A good LC can help so much, and can advise you on when and how often use it if needed.

    My LC gave me one, it was a Medela, but not the non contact one (you will see if you look on the Medela site). She stated the contact ones were actually harder to get good latch on. The LC will also show you how to use it. It seems easy, but I was actually trying to use it wrong. 

  • memo9memo9 member

    Aren't nipple shells supposed to help with nipple issues as well?  Something about drawing the nipple out?  I've got a weird one too and I seem to remember thinking I should look into them as I get closer.

    ETA: Amazon

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  • Our problem was she wouldnt suck at all but then all the amniotic fluid came out and she started sucking but i needed help pulling out my nipple also. and honestly they have just in the last couple of weeks started poking out on their own.. but she wants nothing to do with them.


    i also had a very sh1tty nurse who was supposed to be an lc the day after i had her.. i wish i would have had a better one or knew to ask for different help.

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  • The LC at the hospital can bring you one if necessary, but try to avoid them at all costs.
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  • I'd buy them just in case. I had to use one and hated it, but I would never hate on them like everyone in this thread is doing. It helped my son eat, I would imagine I would have had a much harder time nursing if I couldn't get him to latch. I was able to stop using it at ~10 days old.

    Hopefully you won't have to use them, but there is a good chance you may. Just know that if you do, it is SO common. I felt like I was a BFing failure because I couldn't get my him to latch on his own. I wish someone had told me ahead of time how common it is, it would have helped me a lot.

    Oh and the reason I needed them was because I was super puffy from delivery, and then once that went down my milk came in and I had a crazy oversupply, so he had a really hard time latching on his own.

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  • JCam, any recommendations on brand?
  • Mine was a Medela. They gave it to me in the hospital so I don't really know any more specifics. I hated it so much at the time that I threw it away once I got him off it LOL. But I really am grateful I had it because even though it was hard in the beginning I think it would have been so much worse without it. I just had so. much. effing. milk. I try not to think about it since everyone says there is more with #2 and that scares me.
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