If you made it to 36 or more weeks....silly question... — The Bump

If you made it to 36 or more weeks....silly question...

Could you drive?  I know thats a dumb question of course you are aloud to drive BUT could you physically drive? I'm just trying to plan ahead and think about all the silly little things that *MIGHT* come up. 

Thanks =) 

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Re: If you made it to 36 or more weeks....silly question...

  • MrsLntMrsLnt
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    Physically, I could.  But I really didn't like to do it because hoisting myself in the SUV was difficult at that point, and because I was always worried about getting in an accident and the airbag deploying. 
  • I made it to sceduled csection 37 weeks 4 days. I was grocery shopping and mall alone day before delivery. I think I even drove DH's 4x4 full size truck a week or 2 beofre delivery.
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  • I was completely fine to drive (if fitting behind the steering wheel is what you are asking).  I didn't go many places though because I was on modified bedrest.   I wasn't very comfortable in the car at that point because my back hurt so bad.  One of the last times I rode in the car before the babies were born, I stuck a pillow from our couch behind my back.
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  • yes, I could.   Driving wasn't uncomfortable, but doing errands was beyond exhausting at the end so I limited my trips out. 
  • Yep. I drove with little problem. It was uncomfortable sitting for long periods, but quick errands and things like that were no problem.
  • I could and did - but not if I didn't have to (ie- if DH was home I'd have him drive).... all the way to the end at 38w.... but my minivan has a lot of space between the seat and the steering wheel :)

    i didn't like driving those last couple weeks- i was just so nervous.

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  • Yep, even with my big huge belly! It was so uncomfortable but I drove myself to all my OB appts an hour away.
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  • sdb421sdb421
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    Yes, I could drive just fine up until my induction at 37 weeks, but I limited how often I did it because turning my body to look in mirrors and also the position of my seat in the car always sent me into a fit of braxton hicks and it was just uncomfortable... But physically, I could fit just fine and as capable of running errand when I needed to...
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  • Yep, I could also drive w/o issues. I was thankful for the "stork parking" spots at certain stores or lucked out with an up close spot. I was thankful to have no limitations up until my induction date.
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  • I went to 38wk and was driving without a problem up until the end.
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  • image MrsLnt:
    Physically, I could.  But I really didn't like to do it because hoisting myself in the SUV was difficult at that point, and because I was always worried about getting in an accident and the airbag deploying. 

    This - I think I drove short distances... like around town.  I really wasn't doing much other than lying on the couch at that point.  I think I even gave up grocery shopping because I just couldn't walk around the store anymore.

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  • image UsedToBeGoldie:

    I could and did - but not if I didn't have to (ie- if DH was home I'd have him drive).... all the way to the end at 38w.... but my minivan has a lot of space between the seat and the steering wheel :)

    i didn't like driving those last couple weeks- i was just so nervous.

    Pretty much this.

    I was also wondering if I would fit  behind the wheel, so don't feel too silly! I drove myself to my doctor appt at 36 weeks exactly because DH had to leave from there to go to work. 

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  • Yes!  For me it was no big deal
  • Yep. I eveh drove my h's Fiero to a dr apt, not a fun drive but still fit behind the wheel. Driving the van was a piece of cake though.
  • Yes : )
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  • I probably could have, but I would have needed to sit way too close to the steering wheel for comfort (in order to reach the pedals) and I didn't like that because if I were in an accident I'd have been so close to the airbag.

    I was off for the summer and didn't really have anywhere to go, so I didn't...and DH was really weird about me driving toward the end.  I think because of not really being able to twist around to see behind me, sideways, etc. 

  • I couldn't during weeks 35 and 36 (I gave birth at 36w5d).  I'm on the shorter side (5'3") and my belly was huge (measuring 11 weeks ahead) and going straight out.  So I couldn't fit behind the wheel and reach the pedals at that point.
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  • Yes I drove up until my scheduled c-sec at 39 weeks, I think I may have even driven to the hospital.  The one thing that I had to do in the car was use my foot to release the brake.  I could no longer physically reach it with my belly in the way :)
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  • 37 weeks 4 days. no problem driving. 

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  • Yes, but it was uncomfortable.
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  • I went on hospital br at 32w, but made it to my sched c-section @ 36w1d (pushed up two weeks b/c of the PIH).  I don't think I could have physically fit behind the wheel and had my feet reach the pedals.  At 32w I was struggling.  I am short and have really short legs though.  


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  • I think this really depends on your height. I'm 5'6" and I could drive right up until delivery. During her twin pregnancy a shorter friend of mine (maybe 5'1") stopped being able to physically reach the pedals and fit her belly behind the steering wheel at the same time. I didn't drive a ton though since I had anxiety about getting in an accident and the airbag deploying and hurting the babies.
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  • Yes, but not for very far.  That was why I stopped working.  I had an hour drive to work and I was so swollen from sitting and driving that it was so uncomfortable.  That said, when my water broke, I drove myself to the hospital.  Not really sure what I was thinking.
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  • Yes I could. I didn't too much though just for safety reasons and it was uncomfortable to sit in the car for a long time. Plus even if I did drive somewhere walking any kind of distance was a no go. So I think maybe I went to Target for a few things.
  • Yes, I could. I actually drove myself to my appt. at 36 weeks. I was sent to L&D for an NST and as I was being discharged the transporter wheeling me out (standard procedure) was like, "False alarm?" As I directed him towards my car he was astonished that I drove myself. The day I was admitted for induction I had driven myself to DHs office so we could go to the hospital together. That was 37 weeks. GL!
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  • Yup.. I could drive up until I delivered at 38w.
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  • I think a lot of it depends on the vehicle.  I know several of us have Honda Odyssey vans, and my guess is anyone with a minivan, unless they are very vertically challenged (haha) should have plenty of room.  I know one bumpie who I think is 32 weeks, much larger than me, with an Odyssey and said she has plenty of room.
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  • 38w1d, and I drove myself to the hospital :)

    I didn't have a problem fitting behind the wheel, but I was almost at the point where I needed a seatbealt extender for my work truck.


    Holy Crap. We survived the first year!
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  • yes, I work 50 minutes away and worked up until 36 weeks and 5 days. (the weekend before my scheduled c-section)
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  • I could, but only short distances. Anything long and my arms would get super sore from the way I had to hold them in order to get around my belly.

    Plus my legs would get crampy and uncomfortable. I didn't even like being the passenger in a car toward the end.

    I was also KU in the winter (in Upstate NY) and given the roads and the way idiot people drive, I was too nervous to be in the car much from November through January (when I had the twins) because I was afraid if we got hit I'd go into labor.

    I pretty much just stuck to weekly grocery store trips and the doctor from 32 weeks on...

  • Physically I could, but I was on bedrest at about 36 weeks. But, I didn't drive much after 32 weeks because someone crashed into the back of my car while I was at a stop light and my stomach hit the steering wheel ( I am only 5'2, so I was pretty close to the steering wheel to begin with). It was a very upsetting experience, but luckily it was not a bad accident, and the babies were absolutely fine. I would say drive if you have to but, if someone else can give you a ride - take it :)
  • I drove, but I didn't really go anywhere at that point since walking around was quite uncomfortable.  My legs and feet were SO swollen and my belly was pretty big that it hurt to move too much
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