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xp- I need help with sleep!

Background: I have 16 month old twins who have been AWESOME sleepers since birth. Since 6 months they have slept 7-7 or even till 7:30. The last month they have both gotten up between 5-6. Today was 5am!! Heres the problem. They have started refusing afternoon naps no matter what I have done. We now do gym classes, music classes, lots of trips to the park,etc to increase physical activity. So they are totally on one nap now but the problem is they still need that nap by 10:30 am at the latest. They beg to go at that time. They point to the stairs and say "up". They wake up around 12 so 12- 7 is way too long of a stretch for them.  Ive tried putting them to bed earlier and later and nothing has worked :( When I try to make their nap later, they become over tired and only sleep 45 mins to an hour.  My husband and I both work and we cant keep getting up at 5. What am I doing wrong??
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