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Separation anxiety question..

We've been at this stage for a while now, but we've been trying to work through it. He used to scream even for DH if I left, but that has gotten better. We left him for the first time in six months at the church nursery, and they said he did fine until about 5 minutes before the service ended. I felt horrible when I saw his face all splotchy from crying so hard :( So now my question.. What is the best approach here? Should we be trying to leave him more often in short spurts so he realizes he can be taken care of and comforted by someone other than us?? Do we just keep him with us until this phases out? What did you guys do for your children when they went through this stage?
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Re: Separation anxiety question..

  • I agree with DC. I don't think its possible to just keep him with you at all times because you never know how long stranger/separation anxiety is going to last. I feel like staying with him 24/7 may contribute to the problem if you never give him a chance to get used to other people. DD is still pretty clingy and doesn't really go to many people and I read it can last up to 18/24 months! I think starting small and working up to bigger outings is the best approach. Also, despite DD's separation anxiety, we were able to have a night away (left her with my mom) and she surprisingly did well. So keep trying and he may surprise you!

    Good luck!

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