And I thought our board had some crazies... — The Bump

And I thought our board had some crazies...

Wow, glad I'm not in the 9-12 board!  :) Geeze... At least we just get the ones who want the secret formula to multiples, not crazies stealing pictures and posts and everything else!!
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Re: And I thought our board had some crazies...

  • I keep hearing that board mentioned (in a negative light).  What is going on over there?!  Now I have to go and peep in, lol.
  • I stopped going there a few weeks ago and popped back briefly the other day and ran back as fast as I could. They just need to ban everyone on that board and start over. If I was depending on it to get real information, I would've moved to babycenter or something by now. I'm so glad I have all of you ladies!
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