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Pillow Suggestions????

I am 20 weeks and I am already having trouble sleeping.  My problem is that I end up on my back all the time and wake up.
I have a body pillow on each side, but this really isn't helping because my pillows move.
Does anyone have a pillow suggestion that helped them sleep better throughout the night?
Recommendations are very much appreciated!

Re: Pillow Suggestions????

  • I may be in the minority, but I HATE my boppy total body pillow. It should be called the FLOPPY pillow....very little support offered.
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  • I used the boppy until around 24 or 26 weeks.  Then it didn't work anymore.  I think it is because we just get larger than a singleton pregnancy and that is what it is engineered for.  So I went to a three pillow configuration.  I had a pillow between my legs, and a pillow under my belly.  I side slept.  And I had a pillow right behind my back so that I could rest back on it and take some of the weight off my poor hips.  That worked until I delivered but in no way was it totally comfortable. 
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  • I love my Snoggle.  It was kind of pricey but worth it!
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  • I LOVED my snoogle and still use it some. Upsides:You can somehow use it to tandem feed (although I was never able to) Downside:We have a queen size bed and DH didnt have tons of room
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  • I could never get body pillows to work for me, so instead, I just used a huge comforter and bunched it up under the parts that needed extra support and wrapped it around myself. It worked much better and didn't move as much.
  • Thank you for posting this - I'm ~19wks and having the same problem sleeping.  I really didn't expect it to start so soon.  My poor hips ache and I toss from side to side all night.  Right now I'm just using a pillow under my head, and on each side/between my knees.  I was considering ordering a Snoogle or getting an egg crate for the mattress, but I think I'll try the comforter idea first.

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