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Homebirth and insurance update

I just wanted to tell everyone not to give up hope with your insurance company.  When I was pregnant with Grace I was told by my insurance that the birth would not be covered, but it may count toward my out-of-network deductable.  Just last week I received a check in the mail from the insurance company.  My midwife filed all the paperwork after the birth and apparently my insurance company had a change of heart.  lol  They only paid for about 25% of the birth, but it did all count toward my in-network deductable, which was then met for the year.

Don't let your insurance company discourage you from having the birth you want!  It's amazing what a midwife with coding skills and a lot of prayer can do :)


Re: Homebirth and insurance update

  • Yay! Checks in the mail are always fun. :)
  • My insurance told me that as long as the midwife is certified in my state, then it will be covered just like a "preferred provider" regardless of location of birth since they currently don't have any contracts with midwifes.  Hoping all goes smoothly when paperwork is submitted after the birth.  I could use that big fat check!
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