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PCP/TTC/ATP Wednesday

Let's hear them updates!

QOTD: What is your image of Utopia?


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Re: PCP/TTC/ATP Wednesday

  • jinx, lol! I'll save mine for next week ;)

  • image ctbride08:

    jinx, lol! I'll save mine for next week ;)

    If you have a QOTD, please let it replace mine...please!


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  • The girls have been doing well this week.  Iz has been lying a lot which breaks my heart, I wish she could understand that it's ok to admit fault.  A has been A, quiet but defiant, carving out more room to act for herself.  Smile

    QOTD: My image of Utopia is a place with no currency, politics, drugs, disease, war/violence.  I imagine people growing their food and sharing with their neighbors willfully.  People wouldn't rely on cell phones and computers (any electronics really) for social interaction, face to face interaction would be the norm.  Race wouldn't matter and everyone would be equal in all facets of life.

    Imagine a small farming town that doesn't use money, has no politics, drugs disease, and violence and welcomed all races with open arms.

  • Things here are good.  LO has her terrible two moments but I try to find those moments more amusing than frustrating.  I took her swimming for the first time today.  She wasn't sure about it at first but eventually had a blast splashing around.

    QOTD - nice question but I don't have the energy this late in the day to type it all out.  Yup, I suck. But if I start thinking about all the things I'd want to change I fear I'll be depressed. :-p


  •   Well, after some deliberation, K and I have decided to go through up to 4 more rounds of IUIs (with meds/shots/trigger), for a total of 9 tries. We *may change donors, although there is no "numbers" reason why we should. After that, we'll talk IVF. I'll be 35 in October. I always wanted to be done having kids by 30. While I'm glad that's not the case, now, I don't want to be too much older!

      Utopia... right now, it would be getting KTFU on the next try, and breezing through the pregnancy!

       Also, if the temperature outside could be a degree or two less than "Hell on Earth," that would be nice.

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