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WW2IFD? Advice Needed (Regarding Treatment Options)

Good morning,

Quick background, I am to schedule my hsg on cd 1 and then we are to do our first (and likely only) IUI in August.

I am thinking about emailing the RE. I am very conflicted and not sure what to do (maybe someone here has some advice).

Dh doesn't want to spend a fortune on treatment and has agreed to "the cheapest option" or 1 IUI. I am pretty sure with monitoring, I could possibly get 3 cycles of injectibles with TI for the price of 1 IUI. My RE recommends the IUI because clomid didn't work and we've been trying for two years and we aren't getting any younger. But I was thinking if my hsg comes back clear, if my AMH is okay  and if dh's sperm analysis is above normal, if a post coital test wouldn't be a bad idea to see if my cm is an issue.

Would you put all of your eggs in one basket and go for one IUI, or would you opt for more cycles with TI?

It won't be the end whatever we decide, we will still try but not seek treatment except acupuncture. I am just having a hard time with IUI being the only recommendation at this time and dh only wanting to do one. (he doesn't want to wipe out savings to do 3 back to back IUI's) which I understand completely.

Thanks in advance for any input/advice/anything...:(

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Re: WW2IFD? Advice Needed (Regarding Treatment Options)

  • tosh24tosh24
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    Hey Baboo!

    Sorry you're at a crossroads with treatment :(

    I'm not sure what I would do. I think if the HSG was clear and everything else came back normal for a diagnosis of "unexplained", I might do the 3 inject cycles with TI (IUI doesn't increase your chances that much if YH has a normal SA) . Either that, or try to convince DH to go for 1 IUI with injects (although that's hard 'cause you never know how you're going to respond...if you only have one chance, what if it's a bust?).

    On a SN, have you tried Chinese herbs with your acupuncture (you'll have to go to a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine)? I found that they really really helped me. I put it off for so long ignoring the advice of my DTCM, and finally caved when I got desperate and had that allergic reaction to the fertility meds. She said that she has a lot of first month successes, and I was one of them (although I'm sure there are lots of people that it doesn't happen to). But even aside from getting pg, I felt so.much.better. My body felt so much more balanced and I didn't suffer from a lot of my normal internal issues (dumb IBS!). The herbs cost me about $10 a week or less. Do you see an acupuncturist that specializes in infertility? I called around to IF clinics to find someone who could recommend a DTCM who dealth with IF. That's how I found my acupunturist/DTCM.

    Good luck! I'm still pulling for you :) I hope the HSG comes out clear and everything else is normal!

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  • Hi tosh!!! My RE thinks we aren't getting the 20% chance each cycle as it is and that IUI would give us that 20% chance. :( That is why I am torn between the one shot at IUI or going against her recommendation and try TI with injects. The good news is I have a friend who has a ton of follistim and ovidrel leftover from her IVF so we won't be out of pocket for meds.

    I have only been researching acupunturists at this point. Thank you for that info, I will make sure the ones I am looking at are DTCM, but the ones I am looking at all specialize in infertility. I honestly wouldn't have thought about it until my OB mentioned it. :)

    Thank you so much for the advice. How are you feeling? <3


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  • JMayJMay member
    Wow, tough call.  I think if everything is normal, I'd want more cycles, and during that time (if this is an option) I'd save for an IUI in 3-6 months.  If you are already paying for injects, the IUI itself is usually less than a 1,000 more, right?  I know my RE charged 600.  Not chump change, but worth saving for.  Have you tried Femara?  Is your RE open to it?  It works like Clomid, but has almost no side effects and seems to be more effective in those who don't respond to Clomid. (The company isn't paying me but I feel like they should).  Anyway, with the website coupon it's only $10, so that might be a way to get yourself more chances w/o spending more money.  I'm so sorry you're stuck with this decision.  GL to you!
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  • JMay, I will be doing femara+follistim+ovidrel.  I was doing the math last night and even with monitoring and medicated cycles, it is only $600 more for the IUI. Insurance doesn't cover the follistim and ovidrel, but I have a friend who has a bunch leftover from her IVF, so we at least have that expense covered.  The IUI itself is $560 (which includes sperm washing, brief SA, etc.), but it's the baseline and 2-4 u/s in between that are also about the same price for bloodwork, dr. fees, etc.

    I'll have to talk to my husband, but I think it would be best to take the one IUI gamble and if it doesn't work I'll do acupuncture while we save 3-6 months. Of course, once tax season arrives and maybe the write off gives us back enough, he may be more willing to do another.

    It just sucks, I do understand where he is coming from and we are trying really hard so that I can be a SAHM when #2 comes along and multiple IUI's will set us back, but I am willing to let go of staying home for a year or two longer if it means I have a chance at completing our family. Hopefully he'll come around.

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