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Ugh. This kid is literally sucking the life out of me.

I've been having fainting/hot flash spells for the last month and my dr said it was low blood sugar/pressure...then I had blood work and they said I was anemic. I had another episode yesterday and finally decided to start myself on Slow Fe, which I'm sure is going to give me a case of cement butt constipation like no other.

On top of this, when I sleep on one side for too long and turn over at night it feels as though my hips are being ripped in half and my stomach needs to be removed to get comfortable.

Anyone else anemic or having fainting issues? I'm just hoping it goes away with the iron pills. Blech. Just a few more months!! I spent most of the day crying to my mom about how I don't feel good, lol...just call me hormonal Hilda!

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Re: Ugh. This kid is literally sucking the life out of me.

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    yes and yes. I tried taking iron pills as suggested by my doctor but when I did they made me a little too energetic. I never went through my usually 3-4:00 slump of exhaustion (which was GREAT) but I also could not get to sleep that night to save my life (horrible). So I haven't taken it since.

    low blood pressure and fainting/dizzy spells I've really just had to learn to deal with. I have learned not to let the bathroom get steamed when I take a shower, and if it does, I cool the water off and sit down until the dizziness passes. I also sip on ICE cold water at the first sign of dizziness and it helps cool me off. The first sign of dizziness for me is extreme hot flashes/sweats and the tiny sips of cold water brings me back to feeling normal. Also, don't stand still for too long. If you're standing keep moving, even if it's just walking in place a little bit. That helps me keep my blood pressure up at a normal level. I've ALWAYS had low blood pressure, it just gets so much worse with pregnancy.

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    I am dealing with the same thing except "sucking" is a more literal term for me. It seems we might have found a cause for my restless legs I've been dealing with. My doctor had told me about calcium issues when I was first pregnant, and that the baby will eventually start sucking the calclium from your bones if you are lacking. Now...I drink 4L of milk every two days, and never in a million years thought I was lacking, but apparently I am. Because of this, there is not enough calcium for both of us, and he's LITERALLY sucking the calcium from my bones causing my legs and arms to just ache all night long! I've started taking a supplement twice a day and have noticed an improvement - though minor - so far. I'm going to keep taking the supplements and see what happens!
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    Yes!  I'm also anemic and have calcium issues!  imagine feeling like you need to move your legs, but literally having zero energy to do so.  The iron pills help a little bit, but my dr may be getting me to get shots of some sort to help.  Have to see what my blood draw from yesterday says.
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    I was having similar issues and now that I am taking iron supplements, it's not as bad. It still happens but not as often. Be sure to drink lots and lots of water too, that will soften the cement in yourass. =) 
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    I haven't noticed the anemia issue, but the hip thing you talked about?  That JUST started this week with me.  I wake up with horrible pain in both hips and then when I move to go pee or turn over, at least one of them pops.  Ugh...I just keep telling myself, 10 more weeks, 10 more weeks...

     Oh, and with my first child, I would get the dizzy spells if I stood up too quickly, so I just had to remind myself to stand up slowly or move slowly so it wouldn't happen.


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