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Natural Birth

XP: Jace's Birth Story :) PIP (long)

Jace Ryker?s Natural Birth Story

My DH and I were planning our Birth Center (BC) birth the entire pregnancy after much research.  Additionally, I have a severe phobia of needles which made the BC all that more appealing.  As a side note, we had a running bet going on the expected hair color and length: I said DS would have dark long hair (like me as a baby and my sister); DH, the odd one out in his family w/ blonde hair, believed Jace would have short/fuzzy blonde hair. Anywho?  Jace had an EDD of June 13th, but like most FTM, it came and went. On Thursday, June 23, I had a BPP and NST scheduled as I was 1 week 3 days overdue. We went to the hospital for the BPP and then the BC for the NST. Before the BPP results were faxed over, one of the MW (Rena) came in and swept my membranes as I was ~2 cm dilated and 40% effaced (3:30PM 6/23). Shortly thereafter, the BPP results came in, and the news was devastating to our birth plan. Since we had only received a 2 out of 8, they would have to send me to the hospital for the birth---and if the NST results were bad, likely a c/s.  Thankfully, the NST results were amazing and instead I was just sent to the local on call OB at the hospital. After checking into the hospital, I changed into the clothes that I had packed even though the nurses on staff would have preferred I wear there ?OPEN 24 HOURS? gown. They probably knew I was going to be a little crunchier than most mamas in my DH?s UFC fight night shirt. They hooked me up for another NST at 7:00 PM until the u/s tech arrived and informed me that they wanted to pitocin induce me, even though some mild contractions had already started on their own. I had the second BPP done and we waited again for the results.

This time, surprisingly, I got an 8/8 and again had an excellent NST. At 10:00 PM the OB said he wanted to keep me overnight for observation and then most likely pit induce me at 5:00 AM the next day (June 24) which I promptly asked about other methods of induction and why he would induce me w/ the scores I had received . He told me that they don?t let mamas go past 41 weeks in his practice. After consulting w/ my doula, I told him that I refused to be induced the next morning unless there was a better reason as the ACOG suggests inductions only for medically necessary reasons and past 42 weeks. They finally agreed to discuss things with me the next morning.  About 10:30 PM, one of the nurses came in and said they were concerned about the u/s and that they had seen particulates in the AF---which in her opinion was ?most likely meconium? and even if I wanted to go back to the BC, ?they would be ill-equipped to handle it? and ?would never take [me] back.? I was also told that I was to stay in bed unless I needed to use the bathroom. Again, I asked for their reasoning, and they said ?the OB said so.? I told them that they needed to call the OB back and tell him that I would be walking and moving unless he had a reason to keep me in bed. The nurses looked at me like I had grown a 2nd and 3rd head and left the room. I called the BC around 10:45PM just to update the MW (Melanie-BC Owner).  She said that they would love to have me back as a patient and ?yes, [they] COULD handle meconium.? The contractions were getting stronger by this point and I knew labor was approaching. I then decided to sign out AMA from the hospital. The nurses tried to convince me that the particulates could be meconium or even worse blood---even though that wasn?t a concern 45 minutes earlier.  I still left and released the hospital of all risks including the nurses added note of ?death to fetus and possible infection.?

I went home with DH and spent my time trying to relax as the contractions continued to get stronger. By 6:00 AM, June 24, the contractions had reached the 4-1-1 ?rule? and we left for the BC where we met up with Rena and our doula. At 2:00 PM I started to stall at 8.5 cm so they asked me to get out of the tub. DH and the doula helped me sleep/rest (practically impossible) for about 45 minutes as we waited for the other nurse to arrive. Once she got to the BC, Rena broke my water, and what do you know! It was absolutely perfectly fine---the particulates appearing to be vernix. Labor progressed fairly quickly from there. The contractions were the worst thing I had ever felt as the baby?s head was slightly tilted causing really bad back labor even though he was LOT. I got back in the tub and the next two hours started to blur. The next thing I remember is DH in front of me as I knelt in the tub and started pushing. DH tells me that I kept yelling at the MW to ?just pull the baby out? (lol) but finally Jace started to crown. I really remember all the people present yelling at me to blow through the contraction to keep from tearing and DH blowing with me to help me focus. Finally, after 45 minutes of pushing, Jace was born in the water on June 24, 2011 at 5:41 PM, 8 lbs 5 oz, 21 in with a head full of dark hair (I won J). DH and I can?t put him down and absolutely love him to death already. I almost wish time would stop so I can keep him like this forever. Good Luck to all the other mama?s out there and stand by your convictions!




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Re: XP: Jace's Birth Story :) PIP (long)

  • I replied on the 3rd trimester post you made but wanted to say again WAY TO GO!!! So happy you stood your ground and did what you felt was best for you and your little one. Glad things turned out beautifully!

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  • Congratulations!

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  • Seriously, how GREAT that you stood your ground, and you ended up having Jace where you wanted, how you wanted!  Way to go!!  Congratulations!!!


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  • Now THAT is how you advocate for yourself!  Way to stay strong and consider all of your options by asking for reasoning behind "recommendations."  Congrats on your little one. 
  • I applaude you for standing  your ground and demanding real medical reasons to their stupid responses.

    Your boy was born on my nephew's birthday and weighed just 1oz less than him.

    He is beautiful - Congratulations!!!

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  • Thanks for sharing your story! So glad you were able to get a natural birth :) And congrats!
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  • Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy boy! It's wonderful to hear that you stood up for what you wanted and knew to be safe! 

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  • Way to go, Mama!!
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  • your baby is perfect! You are amazing and your story gives me such hope! I hope to be as strong as you were. I just had my husband read your story and he actually fist pumped... hahaha. great job mamma!

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    This is such and AWESOME and encouraging birth story. You rock momma, and the baby is perfect!

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