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Westchester Pediatrician Recs (w/ Immunization Questions)

Do any of you have a pediatrician in Westchester that you love who isn't overly pushy with immunizations? We don't distrust all immunizations, but we think some of them have scary things in them, and we'd like to go to a pediatrician who is well-informed and is willing to explain things thoroughly and not be pushy if we decide that certain shots are/are not for our baby.

I hope that made sense - I don't want to open a debate about whether or not to get immunizations, just wondered if any pediatricians out there are more cautious with them than others (and sorry if "cautious" isn't the right word...I'm finding this a little difficult to explain). 

Thanks, ladies!

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Re: Westchester Pediatrician Recs (w/ Immunization Questions)

  • this board is pretty quiet, you'd have better luck on the nest hudson valley board.  I go to Lawrence Park pediatrics now part of West Med Group on central ave in yonkers. I love their office and I like that the shots are spread out. 


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  • I go to MKMG and we see Dr. Childs (he is actually out of the Carmel office).  When we interviewed him we brought up immunizations.  He took a lot of time out to explain to us about immunizations, and spoke to us on a level we could understand (not medical mumble jumble).  I can't tell you if they are more "cautious" or how they handle patients that may not want certain shots, but I did feel that he was definitely well informed and took our concerns seriously.


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