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Water births?

Is anyone planning on trying a water birth?  They just opened a new birthing center where we are, and it features birthing tubs, so I'm considering that as an option for my birth plan...has anyone tried it?  Good experience or bad?  Thanks! :-)
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Re: Water births?

  • I tried for a water birth with DS.  I got overheated (it was 96 degrees outside and I had been in labor for over 24 hours when I got in the tub) and since my breathing was so controlled I had pins and needles in my face so I decided to push on land.  The birthing tub was great for easing my labor pains, and I am trying for a water birth with my 2nd LO. 
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  • Awesome!  My hospital only let women labor in the tub.  But I labored in there for the last 4 hours and it was pure heaven.  I enjoyed it so much in fact that I was fully dilated but opted to 'labor the baby down' for an additional 1.5 hours because I didn't want to get out to push!  

    I guess the only thing you have to watch for is that you don't sit in water that is too hot.  At one point my DD's heartbeat got to the highest level in the normal range and the L & D nurse said that if it got any higher I would have to get out.  So I had my DH add some cool water which seemed to help, because her heartbeat never went that high again.   

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  • I loved it! I only labored in the tub for probably the last hour before pushing (i liked the shower and the birth ball a little better) but I was so glad I got to deliver in the water. I think it really helps to not have gravity pushing you into a bed or anything. I pushed for 2 hours, and it was exhausting but not incredibly painful.
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  • Story in bio.  Water was my savior during labor- seriously. 

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  • Excellent experience. DD was born in the water. It helped birthing pains tremendously, and to this day she LOVES the water
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  • I loved having a water birth. Originally, I only wanted to labor in the tub, and it was great for labor pains. I had to get out of the tub so they could break my water (if there had been meconium they wouldn't have let me deliver in the tub) and couldn't wait to get back in.

    Pushing in the water was so awesome- my body almost automatically curled around my baby. My lower half was kind of floating. It was great.

  • i <3'd every second of being in the water for my last birth. the water temperature was great. it did get a little too warm every now and then, so i'd just lift a leg out of the water, or sit up a little higher. my doula also put a cold, wet cloth on my forehead, which helped regulate my internal temperature as well.

    the water felt like heaven. it was so soft and enveloping. i loved it! i labored and birthed in the water.

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  • These stories have really persuaded me to think about doing a water birth, i've always been a fish loving the pool my whole life so why not deliver my baby in the water? :)  I just recently watched "Pregnancy in America" on netflix and it makes me want to do something different, i'm not even sure about my Dr's office now. I wish i knew more people who lived around me that have done something other than delivering in a hospital bed to get some advice/input from. I dont know where to go or who is good with non traditional birthing. Luckily i have plenty of time to make this decision and do more research. Thanks for all your stories they were great!
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  • My waterbirth was amazing. I felt calm, hardly felt any pain until the very end, and ds never cried because he was so dang calm. I highly, highly recomment it.
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