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Newborn crying spells?

I am looking for some advice! We've been having major crying/screaming spells in the evening with Cam (and a few mid afternoon ones which if that happens the one at night doesn't). I am assuming this is normal, but it is EVERY night, usually from around 9-10 is the worst, but it starts around 7 where he is just fussy and crying but then gets hysterical and wants to either eat, fall asleep and wake up on and off or just scream until at least 10 or 11 and then he passes out and sleeps really well at night, usually waking once or twice for a feeding and goes back to sleep with no issues and is generally fine during the day.

He is being bottle fed with some breast milk but mostly formula and they suspect he has reflux, he's been on the medication for about a week and a half, he has no other issues. I am at a loss at how to soothe him at night, nothing helps, the swing, gas drops, gripe water, the swaddle, nothing. The only thing that seems to help is giving him a bottle. UGG. I guess I am just looking to see if anyone went through this and if they outgrown it (and when).




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Re: Newborn crying spells?

  • We went through a similar thing...turns out, little man was hungrier than we thought, so by upping his intake, that night time scream fest dissapeared. Maybe he's just hungrier then?? That's my 2 cents Stick out tongue GL!
  • He's probably hungry. Callie wouldn't scream but she was always fussy from about 8-11---and she fed every hour on the hour. She was big on cluster feeding in the early days so I would just put her on the boob and she calmed right down. And then she would wake once for a feeding about 4am after getting about a 5 hour sleep stretch. I am not sure how much to give when bottle feeding since I have never had to measure so I honestly have no clue how much she eats at a time! I think the rough amount is 4oz? 

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  • We went through similar issues with Ben.  I think around 8 weeks things started looking up and then at that 12 week mark he was a new child. 

     He was always happy nursing which I know I told you the pros and cons of that situation. :)  Surprisingly he was always happy outside.  When he would just not shut up I would strap him in the Moby and we would pace up and down the sidewalk.  Since it is warm in the evenings/night maybe you could try?  I think it was the different environment or something, I don't know.  Also we bounced on the exercise ball.  That sometimes helped. 

    I am trying to think back that far, but I know I definitely logged some miles on the sidewalk but he had to be snuggled in close to me either in the moby or just being held.  In the stroller was a no go.

    My sweet boy :)
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  • D3 was like that but it happened around 4 or 5 every afternoon, I called it the witching hour. Taking him outside for a little walk worked like a charm every time. Something about the change of scenery or what not, I have no idea.
  • We went through that too so I think it's totally normal.  Honestly - could be a growth spurt and he's just hungry.  I also wore Zachary a ton throughout the day and I think that helped tremendously.  It's tough - that non-stop crying really grates on the nerves, so I also would tell you to leave Cam at home for a 1/2 hr and go for a walk or a drive. 

    Also - what's he sleeping in right now?  Is the surface elevated?  I know we tried Zachary in the PNP and it was a complete and utter failure.  We have the Fisher Price Rock n Play and it was truly a lifesaver for us with his reflux.  He still naps in it occassionaly and I swear he takes the best naps of his life in that thing. 

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  • My son did the same thing. In the beginning, he was just breastfed and it ended up he was a lazy eater and I had a low milk supply. It ended up he was just hungry. They had me breastfeed him and then offer him as much formula as he wanted. I started happening again around 1 month only this time he would not sleep and it was not hunger. He would calm down when I cradled him in one arm while keeping his legs bent and massaging his tummy with my other hand. Also he slept in his bouncer for about a month. He did not like to be flat on his back. Now he is 10 weeks and has been sleeping great since 8 weeks and his fussy period has pretty much stopped! Best of luck to you!
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  • Thanks for the tips. I guess it is normal, DD never went through this. We have him sleeping in his boppy or at an angle in the bassinet. I guess I'll keep offering him as much bottle as he wants. Poor guy, I feel so bad for him.



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  • I was thinking growth spurt as well. I remember DD going through a period like that around 6-8 weeks (I think? I could be wrong). To me, it doesn't sound like reflux b/c it's not lasting all day. DD had that "witching hour" thing but in addition, we had reflux symptoms all day- the crying/arching/red face at every feeding time and she wouldn't lay flat (as in would be completely asleep, but if you laid her flat she would wake up and scream).
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