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So proud of my cousin (re: Bad OB)

My cousin is due July 11.  She had a regular appt with her OB, who has been with their family since he delivered her sister 26 years ago.  She was found to be 2-3 cm dilated, and the doctor said, "Great. Let's go ahead and get you scheduled for an induction."  She's not even "due", y'all.  When she told him she wasn't interested in that, he said, "Suit yourself, but don't blame me if your baby DIES." 


I'm so proud of what she did next.  She fired him on the spot!  Walked out of the office and found a new OB.  Yay for her!  And BOO for that doctor!  

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Re: So proud of my cousin (re: Bad OB)

  • I'd have slapped that doc upside his head!! Glad she found a new doctor!
  • Ugh, and people wonder why natural birthing mamas don't like the medical establishment, for the most part!
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  • OMG.  Indifferent
    promised myself I'd retire when I turned gold, and yet here I am
  • Good for her! If more women stood up for themselves like this, there would be a lot less shitty OBs.
  • Good for her!

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  • Your cousin rocks! I wish I could've seen the look on that a$$hole's face...
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