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I must have gone to bed last night thinking about your response to WineNotWhines "it gets better" post to working moms... I had a dream that our cleaning lady called to say she was moving and couldn't clean my house anymore.  In my dream I walked from my house to your house to see if you'd gotten the same phone call.  I guess in my dream world, I don't own a phone, car, and the Nest doesn't exist so I couldn't use modern technology to contact you!

Heaven forbid she ever quits!!!  Indifferent

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Re: *Hey Jellisy*

  • Ohmigosh that sounds like a nightmare.  I can't even imagine not having the ladies come.  We've discussed my taking a sabbatical from work after number 3 but my primary resistance to the idea is that I would then be in charge of cleaning and I am just not sure I can/want to do it anymore....  I love coming home from work on the days they were there.  It makes me feel like Cinderella at the ball....

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