Those who did fost/adoption: locating siblings question

I was given a list of all the birth names and dates of siblings.  However all kids were adopted out and names changed (likely just last names).  Would social services ever give me the info on their new names?  Is there any possible way of doing this?

Re: Those who did fost/adoption: locating siblings question

  • It is very frustrating.  What is worse is that this is all so fresh now and I know several SW's that have contact info and have been in contact with 8 of the sibling's families.  I have asked our old worker if she could simply pass on my number and she claims she does but I don't believe it at all.  She seems to think contact wouldn't be good as the older children have been through a lot more than the younger ones.  I just feel it's something so easy to do now and it the future it'll likely be impossible.  And to think we all live within 30 minutes of one another (I've been told).
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